If you've ever wondered what a Beyzza (Beyoncé pizza) tastes like, a Scotland restaurant has just the treat for you. 
Bella Napoli and Pizza Couture in Glasgow has taken celebrity pizza art to another level. The restaurant's owner, Domenico Crolla, uses tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese to create the intricate faces for the edible images. 
The award-winning chef's personal site is full of photos of his pizza art. Stars who have been enshrined in sauce and cheese include Adele, Simon Cowell, Marilyn Monroe and Anna Wintour. 
"Tom Ford was actually one of my easiest so far with his perfect skin and lack of wrinkles. Not even bags under his eyes," said Crolla of his creations. 
"Rihanna, Beyonce, Cristiano Ronaldo have all answered back thanking me for my pizzas. Sophia Loren also got back to me," he added
His first piece of pizza art was a photo of Bruce Lee. After receiving a note of thanks from the daughter of the late Lee reports Yahoo, Crolla decided to make more Hollywood-inspired pizzas. 
You can view more of his designs on his Facebook page and his Twitter account.