Talisman Holdings Inc. is a holding company which currently owns two subsidiaries – Advanced Organic Products Worldwide and the specialty foods company Chef Selections. The company is very excited about its Advanced Organic Products Worldwide subsidiary which is involved in the fast-growing fertilizer industry.

This subsidiary was organized to work with a technology partner that has developed a proprietary process for the conversion of fish offal and fish gurry by-products into useful products. It converts these fisheries by-products into protein-rich liquid fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide products through the organic process known as hydrolysis.

This proprietary process produces an all-natural fertilizer which, since its commercial introduction in 2004, has been proven to consistently and considerably increase crop yields. In addition, it has been found to reduce the cost of fertilizer on a per acre basis, decrease the required water usage, and improve soil conditions. Improvement in soil conditions has been seen in micro and macro-nutrients, minerals, peptides and amino acid content.

Advanced Organic Products Worldwide manufactures its own premium line of 100% water-soluble White Label products which include the three essential plant nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. The company’s products have received the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listing for use on organically grown crops.

The global fertilizer market is an $150 billion market and there is a real shortage of environmentally safe products available. So it is easy to see why Talisman Holdings is so excited about the future for its Advanced Organic Products Worldwide subsidiary. For more information about the company, please visit its website at www.talismanholdings.com.