Update 11:32 p.m. EST: Chris Hardwick cleared up the "Easter egg" confusion. He posted the following message:

Eulyn Womble, costume designer for "The Walking Dead," revealed they created Rick's constable uniform to look different from his Season 1 sheriff's uniform. The patch on his jacket was made specifically for the show, and features a judicial scale and a latin phrase. The phrase means "we will rise again."

Original story below:

“The Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick promised an “Easter egg” from episode 12 of “The Walking Dead” -- but the talk show ended without revealing what it was. Twitter is livid, and fans of the AMC series are posting their theories. Check out the tweets below:

We've got our own theory about the mysterious Easter egg: "Wolf Fight." When Carl (Chandler Riggs) entered the attic of his new home, he picked up a comic book from the ground. The comic book said "Wolf Fight." In the midseason premiere, the phrase "Wolves not far" was scrawled across a wall. The letter "W" was also carved into the mutilated walkers that were in the neighborhood of Noah's (Tyler James Williams) old home.