It’s been a rough few months for Tamar Braxton. But on Wednesday, the 38-year-old old songstress finally made her way back to the morning show “The Real” following her health scare on “Dancing With the Stars.”

During Week 9 of the hit ABC competition, the Season 21 contestant shocked fans when she dropped out of the competition due to what was originally thought to be a bad case of pneumonia. However, it was later revealed that Val Chermkovskiy’s partner was diagnosed with something “way more serious.” The singer revealed to her fans in an Instagram post that she was suffering from blood clots in both sides of her lungs.

“I’m blessed, number one,” Braxton spoke of her thriving health, which allowed her to return to the talk show. The co-host added that the reason for her gratitude is that her wellness took an even scarier turn after she withdrew from "DWTS" -- one that forced her to go under the knife.

Along with suffering from blood clots, the R&B singer admitted that she also developed thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition that compresses veins, forcing her have surgery and a rib removed.

“So, she had to have the rib removed to remove the obstruction of her vein,” an expert, who Braxton invited on the show, explained.

Dr. Allan Tulloch elaborated that Braxton’s participation on “DWTS,” which consisted of four to five hours of strenuous dancing, could have aggravated her condition.

“Any increased activity would put you at an increased risk,” Tulloch noted. “[Braxton] was probably born with a predisposition, you know, just the way the muscles are, but certainly the more activity that you did I think would have put you at an increased risk for developing the problem.”

But despite Braxton removing her bothersome rib, she’s not out of the woods just yet. The talk show host noted that she’s currently facing the same problems with her rib on the opposite side.

Correction: We previously stated that Tamar Braxton was returning to "The Talk." She is, in fact, returning to "The Real."