TAMM Oil & Gas Corp. is an emerging junior oil and gas exploration and development company focused on adding corporate asset value through the drilling and production of heavy oil. The company has acquired 35 sections (22,400 acres) of land in the Peace River Oil Sands Area of NW Alberta. TAMM retains a 100% working interest in mineral rights on these lands and estimates a prospective nature of potentially 2.33 Billion original barrels of oil in place on the properties between the Debolt and Elkton zones.

TAMM has also signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire 10% direct ownership of the mineral rights on the Sawn Lake 63 sections of oil sands leases, and 3 wells drilled on the property currently operated by Deep Well Oil and Gas. The company will provide technical assistance to Deep Well Oil and Gas where feasible to further develop these properties. TAMM will also contribute capital to further develop these properties when justified by technical and commercial review.

The company is led by a management team collectively retaining more than a century of vital experience. Chairman of the Board William Tighe has been employed and/or consulted on operational, project management, and design and construction matters for international oil and gas companies in roles that included operations development, maintenance, commissioning and start-up and management. He has also worked in and/or been involved with heavy oil insitu in Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as sour gas/liquids plants in Alberta and British Columbia.

Going forward, TAMM plans to further expand its interests in oil sands properties through Alberta Crown Land Sales and/or purchasing interests from other companies that currently hold interests. The company is committed to continually adjusting its Plan of Operations based on comprehensive analysis, the extent and quality of the available data, and other factors, such as applying risk assessment and cost analyses to determine which activities to engage in.

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