The sports world’s highly demanded boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather might have some competition now that Patricia Krentcil, who is better known as the "Tanning Mom," has challenged "Octomom" Nayda Suleman to step in the ring.

“I could beat her,” Krentcil told the Huffington Post. “But I’d probably break a nail, and these nails are moneymakers.”

The “tanning mom” has been in the news of late because of her alleged decision to bring her six-year-old daughter to a tanning salon, which led to her arrest on second-degree child endangerment charges. Krentcil has repeatedly said how proud she is of her own tanning habits, although her orange skin has made her the target of jokes everywhere from the New York Post to “Saturday Night Live.”

She pleaded not guilty to the charge of second-degree child endangerment, but the arrest only seems to have emboldened her. Krentcil’s statements don’t reveal any evidence of being intimidated by the Octomom, who has quite a bit of experience in the world of celebrity boxing.

Suleman first entered the ring after she gained notoriety for giving birth to eight children and starring in a failed reality show about her life. Along with boxing, Suleman has also ventured into the world of adult entertainment, making her own pornography video titled “Octomom Home Alone.”

The Octomom’s luck didn’t stretch into the ring, though, as Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman had previously kicked her off the circuit after she failed to show up for scheduled appearances and because she “owes people money and doesn’t want to pay.”

Feldman seems to have changed his tune now that the Tanning Mom presents a new publicity opportunity for his company.

“I would love to see this match -- it would be amazing,” he told the Huffington Post. “Personally, I think Octomom would win. She’s in great shape. She works out two, three hours a day. She’s a physical woman. But Tanning Mom would be interesting, she’d be a personality and would be competitive.”

He also gave Suleman better odds than Krentcil, saying “Two-to-one Octomom, but it’s boxing so you never know.”

The octomom didn’t comment on Krentcil’s challenge but her financial troubles seem to be behind her, in part because of her foray into the porn world and stripping. Her Orange County home went into foreclosure after she failed to pay the bills, but she has found a new place for her 14 kids, according to the New York Daily News. She moved last month into a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home for $2,150 per month.