A man was arrested by Pennsyvlania police after he allegedly threw a tantrum at a local McDonald’s because employees at the golden arches put cheese on his hamburger.

Sean Varone, 35, of Dover Township, Pa., allegedly flipped out on the burger flippers and assaulted a McDonald’s employee in the parking lot of the Springettsbury Township McDonald’s on Nov. 30, the York Dispatch reported Wednesday. A criminal complaint was filed against Varone on Tuesday.

The newspaper said Varone was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

Varone’s burger tantrum also included allegedly knocking over a trash can and throwing a high chair,  the Associated Press reported.

A McDonald’s employee tried to call 911 on her cellphone following the incident, but the Dover Township man allegedly chucked it across the parking lot, according to the AP.

He also allegedly tried to physically restrain the woman by wrapping her arms around her, according to the Dispatch.

The McDonald’s employee suffered minor injuries in the assault after the alleged burger tantrum, the newspaper said.