TapImmune Inc., biotech innovator and developer of therapies for infectious disease and oncology, and creator of the revolutionary TAP vaccine which has ability to restore antigen presentation in cells, announced in February of this year the signing of a letter of intent to begin a collaborative R&D campaign with Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation.

Aeras is dedicated to moving leading tuberculosis vaccines forward and making worldwide distribution and adoption of them ubiquitous despite age group or income level. Aeras operates under private foundations like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and accepts governmental aid as a non-profit product development partnership.

The focus of the aforementioned collaborative effort will be to demonstrate the viability of TPIV’s powerful TAP technology in supplementing new vaccines under development at Aeras. These new vaccines use TB encoded immunogens, with the pre-clinical work being handled at Aeras’ state-of-the-art Rockville, Maryland facility and the ultimate goal being clinical trials.

President of TPIV, Denis Corin, proudly hailed this bold venture with Aeras into the “next generation of vaccines”, which he sees (in the context of this collaboration) as providing the lofty but reachable goal of eliminating the global scourge of TB. Corin also made the point that TPIV’s unique TAP technology would play a key role in achieving that victory.

The vast technical expertise related to proprietary TAP1 and TAP2 provided by TPIV will prove to be instrumental in this new approach by Aeras, as the power of the TPIV technology (to act as a molecular adjuvant for enhancing precisely the sort of mechanisms on which this next-gen genetic vaccine depends) may prove to be the breakthrough consumers eagerly desire.

President and CEO of Aeras Global, Jerald C. Sadoff, MD, welcomed the opportunity to evaluate “TapImmune’s adjuvant technology” as a strong candidate for super-charging the next generation of TB vaccines currently under development.

TapImmune’s technology is an effective means of instantiating redundant systemic response, a very passive approach which allows the immune system to do its job and is ideally suited to the Aeras application, which utilizes over-expression of key antigens.

With over 1.8M deaths in 07 from TB, according to WHO data, and 13.7M cases overall, the global demand for an effective vaccine continues to promise a huge market, and if this collaboration strikes gold it is sure to evolve into a huge segment for TPIV.

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