Target Development Group, Inc. announced on Thursday that Hannover House, the video and film distribution division of Target, has secured the rights to “Racing Dreams”. “Racing Dreams” is a documentary about young go cart racers and their dreams to one day race on the NASCAR circuit. “Racing Dreams” was awarded “Best Documentary” in 2009 at the acclaimed Tribeca Film Festival held in New York City.

“Racing Dreams” has household names attached with it including being directed by Academy Award nominee, filmmaker Marshall Curry, executive producer Dwayne (“The Rock”) Johnson and producer Jack Turner. The documentary follows the lives of 2 boys and a girl, ages 11 – 13, as they complete in the year-long World Karting Association’s National Series. The film explores the coming of age of the children in both racing and life. On May 21, 2010, the film is slated to be debuted in select markets, eventually being shown in 40 markets over the summer.

Other major theatrical releases planned for this summer that have been announced by Hannover House include Joel Schumacher’s teen drama, “Twelve,” the action adventure “Wild Hunt” and “Thru The Moebius Strip”, a science-fiction thriller.

Target Development Group, based in Springdale, Arkansas, is an entertainment media distributor focused on manufacturing and releasing pre-recorded movies and programs to Blu-Ray and DVD along with publication of literary and non-fiction books. Their library includes films, television programs, videos and literary properties which they own and control. They have approximately 75 items released at the moment. As showcased in the press release, Target also releases higher-profile films to North American cinemas as well as television markets.

The stock chart for TDGI has been on a huge climb since December 2009 when it was trading around .001 with virtually no volume. Friday, it closed at .046 with 2.5 million traded shares.