A picture says 1000 words, but porn stars talk even more. Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee, the two starlets who posed for a photo with Bill Clinton at a gala fundraiser in Monaco on Wednesday, said the former president wanted to meet them both, despite the secret service's attempt to block their meeting. Reign even went as far as calling Bubba super hot, adding she feels sympathetic for how quickly the photo went viral.

Reign and Lee told TMZ in an exclusive interview on Thursday the twosome approached Clinton, who was sitting in a table next to them at the gala, for a photo but Secret Service agents shooed them away.

He kind of was looking over at us every once in a while, and we're huge psycho fans of Bill-we just think he's really cute, Lee told TMZ via phone. So we ended up wandering by, and we were gonna approach him, take a picture, and his Secret Service sort of brushed us away.

However, Clinton instructed the officials to bring the girls, who were guests of Penthouse CEO Marc Bell, over anyway to meet.

The Secret Service guy wasn't having it, but then (Clinton) let us come over, she said. As we were walking away, Bill actually had the Secret Service guy call us back and come over and hang out.

The pair reportedly engaged in a light but brief conversation, Lee told TMZ, before the picture was snapped.

It was brief-he's really, really sweet. I just told him that I loved him, I thought he was a great president, and he just kind of winked and smiled and gave us hugs, she said. Lee described Clinton as very sweet and cool about the whole thing.

Clinton allowed the pair along with another female friend to take a photo with him, but Reign said she is sympathetic for how fast it spread online after it was posted on Twitter by Lee.

I hope this doesn't hurt his re-election or whatever he's trying to run for, Reign told TMZ, adding, Bill Clinton is super hot. He was in great shape.

Despite everyone else having identified the pair as porn stars, both Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee are still unsure whether or not Clinton knew what their professions were.

I kind of feel like he knows, Brooklyn Lee told TMZ. We hope he likes us and we hope he likes to watch our movies.

I have a feeling that everyone watches adult entertainment, Tasha Reign added.

So far, Bill Clinton's camp has not addressed the media regarding the photo.