Turkey’s positive press of late, in terms of increased visitor numbers and a rise in the amount of blue chip businesses setting up a base in the country, has helped it climb the rather steep investor ladder and win the affection of property buyers from across the globe.

So, it would seem that the strong, stable and emerging Turkey is now a good investment option when it comes to property. However, interestingly the focus for investors has shifted from ‘where’ to buy, to ‘how’ to buy, because some property experts are seeing a surge in tax-efficient purchases.

According to one Turkey property expert, the Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is emerging as the mechanism of choice for the savviest of investors. Buying a property under such a scheme allows the investor to benefit from tax savings on the investment of up to 40%, explains Graham Flaherty, head of property sourcing at One Touch Property Investment.

He explains: “We are seeing a growing trend in structured financial investments in property. Adding an Overseas property to your SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan) can make complete sense because you receive tax relief equal to your income tax rate. Higher level earners receive an impressive 40% of the amount invested.”

Turkey’s booming economy and steady increase in visitor numbers, both tourist and corporate, make tax-friendly investment options under a SIPP even more appealing to buyers.

This surge in visitor numbers has had a positive knock-on effect on the level of hotel room occupancy across the country. So, to break this investment option down, a high-rate taxpayer who invests £100,000 in a property will gain a tax relief of £40,000, reducing an investment of £100,000 to £60,000.

Attractive Coastal areas like Turkey’s Akbuk are seeing a steady increase in flow of visitors, and this in turn is bolstering the number of SIPP investors.In particular, the Harmony Bay development, with £49,000 properties that generate 6% yields, is an interesting option.

Flaherty also points out that these investment types are not exclusive, and it is important to note that individuals are able to transfer funds from existing pension plans into a SIPP if they are keen to take advantage of the buying a property in Turkey through a SIPP, adds Flaherty.

“Investors without a SIPP should bear in mind that even if you more than one pension fund you can transfer them into a SIPP, giving you the opportunity to take 25% of the total amount out as a lump sum when you come to retire.” The benefits of having a SIPP when investing in Turkey property are clear, the question now is how many investors will take advantage of this tax-efficient plan?