Taylor Swift topped all music acts with earnings over $35 million, according to Billboard's Top 40 Money Makers list.

Swift, who ended her Fearless tour last year, sold 1.8 million albums in 2011, Billboard said.

In a close second were Irish rockers U2 at more than $32 million, buoyed by their 360° tour.

Country singer Kenny Chesney was third on Billboard's list at more than $29 million. Chesney sold 650,000 albums and 4.3 digital songs last year and was also on tour after a break in 2010.

Lady Gaga topped the list last year but was relegated to fourth place with earnings of more than $25 million, thanks to her Born This Way tour.

Rapper Lil Wayne was fifth on the list, making just over $23 million in 2011. His I Am Still Music tour grossed $44.7 million, according to Billboard.

Other acts to make the list were Linkin Park [No. 40], Usher [No. 30]. Keith Urban [No. 27] and Rascal Flatts [$9 million.]

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