Taylor Swift’s new relationship may not be sitting well with her ex Calvin Harris. Following the release of pictures of mega-star Swift meeting boyfriend Tom Hiddleston’s mother overseas, it appears Harris may a case of sour grapes.

TMZ reports Harris thinks it's “f---ing laughable” that Swift recently met Hiddleston’s mother, considering she never met Harris' parents during their 15-month relationship. A source close to the former couple says Swift once told Harris, 32, she couldn’t meet his mother because she lived too far away (in the U.K.). Harris is now said to feel “bewildered and astonished” that Swift was photographed meeting the “Thor: Ragnarok” actor’s mother in Suffolk, England, on June 24. Their meeting came just hours after Swift, 26, introduced her new beau to her parents in her native Nashville, Tennessee.

One source says Calvin is not actually that jealous, because he thinks Swift is merely buddying up to Hiddleston, 35, for his supposed connection to the “James Bond” films.  Some reports have Hiddleston as the franchise’s next lead, though it's yet to be confirmed. Says a TMZ source: “Calvin thinks Taylor’s cozying up to Tom to lock down a Bond girl role.” 

Despite the Harris rumors, Swift and Hiddleston appear happy in their relationship. After visiting England, the pair landed in Rome on Monday for a romantic getaway. Us Weekly reports they flew there on the “Blank Space” singer’s private jet, were spotted sightseeing at the Colosseum and are crashing in a swanky resort penthouse.

In mid-June, two weeks after Swift and Harris announced their breakup, photos surfaced of her and Hiddleston kissing, seeming to confirm their relationship. They were first seen together dancing at the Met Gala in New York in May and have since been spotted on multiple outings, including an appearance at the June 21 concert of Swift’s longtime friend Selena Gomez, in Nashville. 

The reason for Harris and Swift’s split isn't clear. After rumors of infidelity swirled following their breakup, Harris tweeted that he had nothing but “love and respect” for his ex. Swift re-shared the message on Twitter, but Harris has since deleted the post.