Comedian Pete Holmes may be translating the success of his "You Made It Weird" podcast to a gig with TBS, where he could land his own late night talk show. The show, which at a half-hour would be a slight divergence from the longer shows that currently populate late-night TV, is being produced by Conan O'Brien's production company Conaco, according to Vulture.

The report suggests that Holmes isn't a definite pick but one that the producers seem to have in mind. The comedian would follow "Conan," which currently airs at 11 p.m. ET.

Holmes has hosted his own comedy podcast "You Made It Weird" that debuted toward the end of 2011. Each episode of the show features an interview with a different comedian, and guests so far have included Adam Carolla, Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman, Bill Burr and many others.  

Most episodes range in length between 90 minutes and two hours. They're released twice a week on the website or through iTunes.

It's hard to guess what kind of late night show Holmes would host, although his personality would be attractive to any TV executive. Where David Letterman is a cynical older cousin and O'Brien is the middle child always eager to please, Holmes would be a goofy younger brother who always aims to make himself laugh and in doing so cracks up the people around him. Compared with Maron's comedy podcast "WTF with Marc Maron," Holmes refers to his own show as "What The Heck," citing the much friendlier and relaxed interview setting.

At two hours, the episodes of "You Made It Weird" can drag, but the natural flow of the conversation is what has many fans clicking "Subscribe" on iTunes. Holmes doesn't seem to over-prepare for his interview, instead opting to touch on comedy, religion and sexuality. He often repeats himself on the show and laughs when his guests make fun of him.

The Vulture story reports that there is no timetable yet known for when TBS would approve the show, although the pilot would film in mid-August.

Holmes released his first comedy album in November 2011. Titled "Impregnated with Wonder," it was named by the Onion A.V. club as one of the top comedy albums of the year, ranking with the newest releases by Louis CK and ahead of Michael Ian Black of "The State" fame. On the album he avoids the controversial topics most comedians of today discuss, instead opting for goofball bits like blonde moustaches.