After his mind-blowing speech on floor of the House of Representatives Thursday accusing Al Jazeera of trying to push sharia law in the U.S. via the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, went for a double Friday when he compared activists, particularly the LGBT kind, to Nazis.

Gohmert was explaining about how he isn’t happy that he’s been labelled a “hater.” He has no hate toward individuals, he says, he “loves homosexuals,” he just thinks they are acting like supporters of the Third Reich.

“People that stand up and say, you know, I agree with the majority of Americans, I agree with Moses and Jesus that marriage was a man and a woman,” he said. “Now all of a sudden, people like me are considered haters, hatemongers, evil, which really is exactly what we’ve seen throughout our history as going back to the days of the Nazi takeover in Europe.”

Labeling people as “haters,” according to Gohmert, is a longstanding tactic. Here’s a breakdown of his thought process: First, the Nazis called the Jews “haters” and “evil,” then they built up “disdain” for the Jews (to put it mildly, congressman) and finally they burned all their books. By that logic, LGBT activists, specifically the ones who pushed HGTV not to run the Benham brothers' series "Flip It Forward" after their anti-LGBT comments, are doing the same to Gohmert and his tea party friends.