Google makes it easier for News Sites to opt-out

Google is attempting to improve relations with media giants with its First Click Free policy that allows publishers to build pay walls around their online content. The search giant will also allow publishers to decide whether they want their sites to show up in Google News, Google Web search, both, or neither. See full story.

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Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook to end Regional Networks

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg sent an open letter to the sites 350 million users about the modifications that have been made to the privacy policies of the world’s most popular social networking website. See full story.

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EBay and Craigslist battle heads to court

It's a story fraught with accusations of broken promises, backroom deals and deception, leaving an established Internet giant fighting to preserve its valuable stake in a well-loved classified advertising website. See full story. shorts workers on overtime pay: lawsuit

A former Inc worker has sued the online retailer, saying it shorts as many as 21,000 warehouse workers nationwide on overtime pay. See full story.

Nokia sees cell phone market up 10 percent in 2010

Nokia, the world's biggest mobile handset maker, expects the cell phone market to recover faster next year than analysts are forecasting, but falling handset prices would cap profitability growth. See full story.