The time has come: the NYPD is experimenting with Google Glass. VentureBeat reported that the police department recently purchased a few pairs of Glass for beta testing.

The hope is that Google Glass’s capabilities could aid police officers’ surveillance and enforcement duties. That’s not the most farfetched thing in the world -- many police departments in the country require officers to have wearable, easily visible cameras on their uniforms at all times, and those have improved police-civilian interactions. People, even cops, tend to be on their best behavior when they know there’s video of their actions.

Still, is Google Glass a viable option for the NYPD? Probably not. Google says it’s not sponsoring police departments or discounting anything, so it looks like the NYPD had to lay out $1500 a pair like everyone else. Considering shoulder cameras have been in use for years and are already effective, it’s tough to make an argument for Google Glass.

Unless the plan is to scan and recognize citizens on the fly, with a list of data popping up next to a headshot. Then consider Google’s track record with privacy...and this is starting to sound like 1984.

Thankfully, not every headset has spying capabilities. At least the Oculus Rift is a gaming machine -- and ‘EVE Valkyrie,’ a virtual space shooter, is going to be an exclusive. And it’ll be co published by the Oculus Rift team themselves, which means that the game will make no compromises for Xboxes and game pads. Yep, buy a flight joystick, cause that’s how you’re gonna enjoy this. Which should mean that the game will be as good as we’re all expecting it to be...and the Oculus Rift could really take off. I just hope you’ve got enough power in your computer to get the best performance from the game.

And while the Oculus Rift is poised for takeoff, Sony’s computer division is going down the tubes. More specifically, they’re selling the entire Vaio computer division to a company called “Japan Industrial Partners,” who specializes in investments and business turnaround deals.

In English, that means that the Vaio line will probably be outsourced, or rebranded altogether since JIP isn’t an information technology company. Now that their computer line will be booted, Sony can concentrate on the smartphone market and improve its Xperia line. That also leaves more thinking and salary space for PlayStation endeavors -- but Sony will still be cutting 5,000 jobs that went with the PC business.