TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington left  the publication on Monday.

He will continue to operate his VC firm CrunchFund, which AOL will continue to invest in.  In place of Arrington, Erick Shonfeld, a TechCrunch veteran (who joined in 2007) and formerly the co-editor, will take over as the editor.

TechCrunch itself announced the move with a post titled: Deciding To Move On.  The quotes imply that his removal wasn't entirely voluntary.

Arrington, meanwhile, took one last jab at the Huffington Post and his former editorial higher-up Arianna Huffington.

At a TechCrunch event on Monday, Arrington wore a t-shirt that read UNPAID BLOGGER.   Below is a photo, courtesy of flickr user Kevin Krejci.

The Huffington Post is the defendant in a class action lawsuit from its unpaid bloggers, who claim they're entitled to $100 million from the media giant.

Coincidently, AOL settled with unpaid volunteers for $15 million in 2009. 

Before Arrington agreed to leave TechCrunch, he publicly offered to buy it back from AOL and Huffington.