Have you ever had trading a week that you wish you could just do over again? When you look in the rearview mirror all the moves that you should have made seem obvious. Next time, you tell yourself, you'll be better prepared. You'll learn from your mistakes and the experience you went through will make you a better trader.

After enduring one too many of those weeks, I thought to myself there has got to be a less risky way to amass trading experience and become an expert trader than slinging it out in the trenches for ten years. Sure, I read books, analyze charts, frequent blogs, devour guru newsletters and play with different technical analysis tools. It's all helpful, but none of it is a substitution for the real world trading experience of watching a stock trade and trying to guess its next move.

However, the problem with watching as stock trade in real time is...it's too slow! If you are a mid to long term trader, you have to analyze the stock and then wait around for days, weeks or months to see if your analysis was correct. This is why it takes so long for traders to become experts - the learning curve feedback time is too big. I thought to myself, what if there was a way to speed the process up? What if you could accelerate the feedback time for real life trading decisions from months to minutes? This would allow you to try hundreds or thousands of different trading styles over a short period of time and really hone your skills. You could become an expert trader in weeks or months, not years or decades.

Since I could not find an existing solution, I built one myself. The result is a revolutionary new software product called StockReflex www.stockreflex.net. StockReflex allows you to go back in time and replay a stock's historical chart while making virtual trading decisions as if the stock was really trading live. Unlike real time though, you can fast forward through the historical chart at a rate of one day per click and get nearly instant feedback as to how well you did when you choose to buy or sell a stock. You can fast-forward through thousands of stocks at warp speed and virtually gain years worth of valuable experience you can then apply to your real life trading.

StockReflex is so easy to use it almost plays like a video game--it even has a high score board for you to track how well you are doing. It is a fun way to learn, enhance and perfect your technical analysis skills and it has a wide assortment of indicators (trendlines, moving averages, stochastics, MACD and more) that you can use to help base your analysis on. While you virtually trade a stock with StockReflex, your gains are compared to the gains of a buy and hold investor. You know you're successfully outperforming the market when you can beat the buy and hold investor's score.

Life is too short and your money is too precious to play the coulda woulda shoulda game for another ten years. Check out StockReflex and start accelerating your trading experience today. Start with the video tutorial and free trial download that lets you trade two mystery stocks to get a feel for the product.


Peter Forth

CEO, StockReflex