A very quiet week on the news front ahead of us, so I thought I'd post some of the strongest charts in terms of sustained upward movement that does not include a recent huge gap up on news event (some of these have small gaps. I excluded gold / silver stocks which of course enjoyed material breakouts last week. The sector representation is a complete hodge podge. Screened named via Finviz.com

Favorites in terms of consistent breakouts are: FSYS, JOSB, KSU, MEOH, NVDA, PVH, SKX, SLAB, UEPS

Unfortunately, I do not own any of these


I've had a limit order outstanding the past week or two on FSYS - seems silly based on the price action to ask for a dip ... FSYS is strong like ox

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And a special notice to a bond offering - PIMCO High Income Fund (PHK). There are junk bond funds, and then there are really JUNK bond funds - this one falls into the latter. A quick glance at the bonds it is holding include ... well all the recent high fliers - AIG, Fannie, Citi, Bank of America