It appears, as best as I can tell that none of my morning orders went through. While the account value is changing properly no trades are executing. So all the previous orders are now sitting as open orders, and it looks like those won't be the prices I receive.

Since we moved over to this platform to track our performance via independent mechanism, this is the only the 2nd time we've had an issue of similar type (since early January 2009). One of the main reasons we left which was how we were tracking in 2007 and 2008 (and hence our performance is scattered in 2 places) was this would happen to me there almost on a monthly basis (most of the time it would be I could not log in for a few hours at a time, although there were bigger issues other times). Considering the fast moving markets of 2007 and 2008 you can imagine the consternation this created. Akin to managing money with one arm behind your back.

So unfortunately that's part and parcel with being a virtual fund manager - Investopedia has been a far sturdier platform but today is not one of the promising days. As if success in the market is not hard enough as it is. Until something starts happening we're down for the count on any more transactions. Will update if this gets fixed today.

EDIT 11:20 AM - ok it appears all the orders hit in 1 batch in the past 5 minute. Hopefully good to go from here.