I received 2 emails yesterday from readers - on top of a few I received perhaps 2 months ago from readers who receive the website posts each night via email.  They had encountered a situation where graphs were sitting over the text in their email.

From discussions with previous readers with this issue - everyone who encounters this has been using Internet Explorer.  That said, everyone who uses Internet Explorer as their browser does not encounter the issue - it only seems to be a situation for a handful of people.  If you happen to experiencing the same situation I would like to offer you a gift for the new year.

---> Switch over to Mozilla Firefox as your browser. (link here

I made the switch many years ago and never looked back - it's faster, it's better, it generally has specific functionality about a year or two earlier then Microsoft's browser... and of course when given a chance between 2 equals, I always like to give the small guy a chance.  In this case the small guy is better, as the added bonus.  You can import all your bookmarks when you first download Firefox and you will have a much happier experience.  Every 5-6 months something does not show up correctly in Firefox and I need to open up Internet Explorer, and I quickly am reminded why I switched!

So this email picture over text thing does not seem to be occuring with anyone who uses Firefox, Apple's Safari, or even Google Chrome... it's just some subset of Internet Explorer readers.  Worse case scenario - if you are married to IE - I suppose you will need to come to the actual website to read those specific posts where this issue occurs.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming... I read yesterday that the NYSE has not traded in a range of 70 points or less for 6 consecutive days since November 1996!  Looks like we are working on day 7!

Combined with the 6 weeks prior to these past two where the S&P500 was stuck in a range of 2%, and it's really been a thrilling quarter. :)

For some entertainment, head over to my online buddy The Reformed Broker who asked a collection of financial talent what they learned in 2009.  It's an entertaining list.