Koruna is in consolidation in 25.80 - 26.00 range.

Most likely technical scenario is consolidation in 25.80 - 26.00 range. Weak momentum and RSI close to zero decrease chance of breakthrough of 26.00 level.



Zloty returned to 4.15 level and has continued its consolidation in 4.15 - 4.28 range.

Zloty will most likely remain in 4.15 - 4.28 range for some time. It may test 4.15 level, but it should hold for some time, because of weak short-term momentum and upward mid-term momentum.



Forint tested 266 level.

Consolidation should continue for some time. Further testing of 266 level, with breakthrough in mid-term horizon likely.


Leu is consolidating slightly above 4.28 level.

Further testing of 4.28 is likely, but we think that it will not be successful and that leu will eventually return to 4.23 level in mid-term horizon. This view is supported by MACD signal, but opposed by ROC development.



Dollar is testing 1.50 level.

Weakening of dollar continues, in spite of apparently weak momentum and almost overbought RSI. 1.50 is psychologically important level; if it does not hold, weakening may accelerate.



EURJPY reached 138 level.

138 level is strong resistance for euro, so most likely scenario is rebound back to 135.4 level.


EURCHF is in consolidation around 1.515.

Most likely technical scenario is continuing consolidation close to 1.515.


Oil is in rising trend. It is testing 80 resistance level.

Signal from RSI, strong 80 resistance level, almost overbought MACD and ROC20 all point to possible correction or trend reversal.