Koruna weakened to 26.40.

26.40 should be strong support level for koruna. 26.40 may be tested, but we think that return to (or even below) 26.00 psychological level is more likely than successful breakthrough and subsequent weakening to 26.80. Upward momentum is weak and RSI is close to overbought (from euro perspective) levels.



Zloty weakened to above 4.15 level and stopped at 200-day moving average for now.

Indicators are neutral, so most likely technical scenario is consolidation around 4.15 level. 200-day moving average should function as cap, while 20- and 60-day moving averages should reinforce 4.15 level.



Forint weakened to 279 level.

Most likely technical scenario is near-term decline to 273, but there is risk of continuation of trend and weakening to 285 in mid-term horizon.


Leu returned below 4.23 and stopped at 200-day moving average.

Most likely technical scenario is consolidation around 4.23 level. 60-day moving average should form upper boundary, with 200-day moving average as lower boundary. So, leu should return above 4.23. Unlikely breakthrough of 200-day moving average should open room for strengthening to 4.07.


Dollar reached 1.43 and 200-day moving average.

1.43 level/200-day moving average should stop current declining trend. Most likely scenario is return to 1.46 and then consolidation before return to 1.50. Possible breakthrough of 1.43 level would change technical picture substantially. In such case, fast decline to psychologically important 1.40 level is likely, with successful testing of this level probable.


EURJPY is testing 129 level.

Yen should weaken in consolidation above 129 level. Continuation of mid-term consolidation in range of 129 - 135.4 is most likely technical scenario.


EURCHF abruptly strengthened.

Exchange rate should soon stop its fast decline. There are two possible technical scenarios: consolidation around 1.4871 level or return to 1.515 level.


Gold is in sharp correction.

60-day moving average is acting as a support. There is apparently room for further decline, but it may be preceded by consolidation in range between 60- and 20-day moving averages (around 1120 level). Natural