Located in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, TechPrecision Corp. has quickly made a name for themselves by globally manufacturing large-scale, metal fabricated and machined precision components and equipment through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Ranor, Inc. and Wuxi Critical Mechanical Components Co. Today, TechPrecision took a major step towards prominence with the announcement they have received a $1.2 million order from the nuclear division of an existing customer.

Leading the team at TechPrecision is James Molinaro whom serves as the company’s CEO. Commenting on what this order will mean to the future of TechPrecision, Mr. Molinaro was quoted as saying, “As a direct result of our focused business development activity with key customers in new nuclear builds of advanced passive reactor components, this order reflects our continued successful expansion of opportunities in this key vertical. Demand for the next generation of nuclear components is growing, and by expanding our sales pipeline and building on our ASME N-stamp quality performance with key customers, we are seeing a direct benefit – one we expect to position us well for expanded opportunities during the coming nuclear renaissance.”

To learn more about this press release or TechPrecision as a whole, visit their corporate website at www.techprecision.com