Rock legend and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent has praised Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for declaring he will only eat what he kills.

In fact, Nugent has reached out to Zuckerberg’s people in order to counsel the young multi-billionaire on how to properly kill animals and eat them.

I'm not so much surprised but excited that a man of that demographic and this era's power is coming forth and using the terms 'I'm killing my food,” Nugent told the New York Daily News.

“I'm slicing their throats.' That is perfection.”

As widely reported, Zuckerberg told Fortune magazine last month that in order to become a more responsible consumer. He has vowed to only consume meat that he himself had killed with his bare hands and in the most humane way.

Nugent was more than pleased by this development.

I'm sincere,” Nugent said. “I want to teach [Zuckerberg] the spirituality of minimalist, honest consumerism.”

Indeed, Nugent has written a book called Kill It and Grill It which features tips on how to kill, clean and dress wild game.

If you really want to be the ultimate, responsible consumer, call me, Nugent said. Because that's how the Nugent family operates.