“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has accused her boyfriend Nathan Griffith of drinking too much. The two just welcomed son Kaiser into the world, and couldn’t be happier, but months before the baby was born, the volatile couple fought over Griffith's alleged drinking problem.

“I’m getting concerned…” the former heroin addict admits in a voice-over as she drives Griffith after he had drinks with friends. His filmed drinking binge reportedly happened right before he was his incarcerated following a third DUI.

Evans turned to him and said, “I just think that when you do drink, you just binge drink. Like, you drink too much.”

“When you’re drunk you make dumb decisions and then you act cocky,” she said. “You act like nobody can tell you anything …”

Griffith responded with a slurred voice, “You know to a certain extent I do drink too much … or too occasionally.”

“You drink at weird times as well,” she accused. “… Like in the middle of the day.”

That’s when the conversation became heated.

“So what’s wrong with that?” he snapped back. “I don’t need to drink!”

The two argued back and forth, with Griffith clearly getting offended by Evans’ insinuation that he has a drinking problem.

“You just said I didn’t have an alcohol problem but now it’s maybe you do? You know what, I’m f***ing done,” he said, and then stormed away from his pregnant girlfriend.

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