Here comes the momma drama! MTV premiered the sixth season of its hit docuseries “Teen Mom 2” on Thursday. In the premiere installment, moms Kailyn Lowry, Leah Calvert, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans returned with more drama, heated arguments, tears, and of course, more cute kids moments than ever before.


Episode 1, titled “Keeping It Moving,” kicks off with Kailyn admitting she has been fighting with her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, over their son Isaac's custody agreement and struggling to keep her marriage with Javi Marroquin afloat. Despite all the drama, Kailyn decides to celebrate Isaac’s birthday with a big bash. To let loose even more, the “Teen Mom 2” star decides to attend a concert with her pals.

Her plans, however, are immediately torn apart. After Javi discovers a text Kailyn received from one of her male friends at school, he refuses to transport Isaac to Joe’s house, leaving Kailyn without a way to attend her concert. Kailyn tells one of her friends Javi believes she is cheating and lying. She responds by asking him why he is "so insecure" about her guy friends. He tells her to "get out of my face" and she storms away.

"If I wanted to cheat on him, I could do it!" Kailyn says in tears to her friend. Her pals advise her and Javi to take a break from their relationship and go to the concert, but Kailyn disagrees. "Now that my marriage is in turmoil, that is the worst time to leave," she says.

When Javi approaches Kailyn to work out their issues, he requests she delete all of the passwords off her phone. Kailyn calls his proposal "crazy" and refuses to give up all of her privacy, saying taking away all of her freedom is "not a marriage." Javi responds by telling Kailyn she is texting "all these dudes behind my back." 

"I can't win here. There is no winner ... I'm not going to go to the concert. I will take Isaac to his dads and I will come home immediately afterwards. I will not text anybody and I will change my number if you want, to make you happy, so that we don't f---in fight like this. But just know that at the end of the day that I will be still be as unhappy then as I am now," she says.


Jenelle and her mom, Barbara, appeared to have settled their custody issues over Jace in the Season 5 finale. But in the premiere, Jenelle reveals that her mom has not said a word about their newfound agreement since. When the mother-daughter duo go out to lunch to discuss it, Barbara says Jenelle’s house, which she shares with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, isn’t a good place for Jace. According to her, when he returns from her care he lashes out by wetting the bed and misbehaving in school. 

When Jenelle talks to Nathan about her sit down with Barbara she tells him she is going to hire a lawyer and fight for custody. “I’ve held on for a year and a half and nothing has changing… I gotta do what I gotta do. He’s my son. I’m not going to wait forever,” Jenelle says.

Jenelle later reaches out to her mom on the phone to tell her about a birthday gift she receieved from Nathan. When Barbara learns Nathan has given Jenelle a week-long trip to the Virgin Islands and that they will not bet aking their son Kaiser, she becomes upset. Jenelle slams her mom for her "negativity" and tells her to "shut up." 


Chelsea’s new man, Cole DeBoer, makes his debut in episode 1. And it’s not just Chelsea who is smitten by her beau. Chelsea’s daughter with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, Aubree, says Cole is also her "boyfriend" and that she wants him “for Christmas.” Their happy moment is short-lived when Chelsea receives an email from Adam’s lawyer requesting 50-50 custody.

When Chelsea sits down with her dad to discuss Adam's decision, she says Adam only has visitation, but wants joint custody. With Adam's history of criminal history and failure to pay child support, he advises her to consult a lawyer. Chelsea also decides to consult Adam's other baby mama, Taylor, to see if she received a similar custody warning. When she talks to Taylor she learns she is in same boat and her and the duo decide to team up and get the same lawyer.

In an effort to soothe her nerves over her upcoming custody battle, Chelsea goes to a spa, the very same location she has been working at since Season 5. Meanwhile, Adam is shown hanging out with a friend and complaining about Chelsea and Taylor. He says his lack of physical custody is upsetting, sharing that in six months he will have a career in personal training and has been sober in 15 months. Adam says he's happy Chelsea has a new boyfriend and he is glad she is moving on from him.


In episode 1, Leah is in the middle of her custody battle with first husband, Corey Simms, over their twins Ali and Aleeah. In an effort to enjoy a night out with her husband, Jeremy Calvert, the pair go on a date. Their date quickly goes sour after Leah slams Jeremy for putting his work before his family and requesting he attend couples counseling. He reacts by storming off in the restaurant.

The following day, Leah reveals she is stressed over her upcoming custody battle with Corey -- he is seeking full custody -- and that she is overwhelmed caring for her girls, which also includes 2-year-old Adalynn with Jeremy. 

"I've been accused of being an unfit mother. I've been accused of infedility or abusing drugs. All of this has even made it hard on Jeremy and I, like our marriage. It has put a lot of stress on me. I'm not the same person," Leah vents to a friend.

In route to the court house, Leah trembles and says she is very worried about the prospect of losing her girls. Leah says Corey is a good dad but him securing full custody would be "horrible" for her daughters. The judge ultimately rules in Leah's favor, puting both Leah and her mom into tears. However, one of the judge's conditions, Leah's lawyer reveals, is that she must take a drug test. Leah claims the drugs she is taking are prescribed by a doctor and are for her headaches.

When Leah meets up with Corey during a kid drop off, her tells her his attempt to win full custody was not a personal attack on her, but a course of action he felt was in the best interest of their girls.

"Teen Mom 2" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.