Custody battles and marital spats seemed to be the theme of Thursday's Season 6 "Teen Mom 2" installment. In episode 3, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans experienced issues in their relationships with their significant others. Meanwhile, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska battled it out with their exes over custody of their children. Find out everything that happened on the latest episode of the MTV docuseries below.

Leah Messer

Fresh off their most recent custody battle, Leah and her ex-husband Corey Simms meet during a child drop off. This time, Leah’s husband Jeremy Calvert was present. Corey tells Leah he wants to have their twins, Ali and Aleeah, four nights a week. Leah says she has no problem giving him more responsibility, saying she thinks it could help reduce her stress levels during the week. Leah is later seen struggling with the girls by feeding them dinner at 11 p.m. and putting them to bed at midnight.

When Corey and his wife Miranda are shown discussing Ali and Aleeah's daily routines, they share their fears over Leah's decision to keep them up late at night. Corey says he wants part of their lives and that they should have normal schedules and eat healthy meals. 

Leah's troubles did not end with Corey and Miranda. On the way to a cheerleading competition, Jeremy expressea his upset over the condition of her vehicle. Leah responds, saying she'll clean it. When Jeremy continues to speak out, she yells at him to "shut up." 

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea’s custody issues with Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, continue to boil. Chelsea reveals she recently argued with Adam’s mother after learning she was not supervising his visits with Aubree, therefore violating the conditions of their court ordered agreement. Chelsea says her fears regarding Adam having Aubree alone stem from his felony stalking arrest. Chelsea's lawyer agrees with her upset, saying Adam could not spend time with his daughter without his parents present. He writes up a letter requesting Adam not be able to see Aubree unless their visits take place at a family visitation center. 

Meanwhile, Adam speaks with his lawyer about the situation. The lawyer reveals Chelsea is accusing him of having “anger and extreme disregard for the law and safety of others.” Unsurprisingly Adam is upset by Chelsea’s accusations and shares his plans to continue fighting her in court.

Despite his order to only have supervised visits with Aubree, Adam is later shown having a meal, sans his parents, with a pal and his daughter. During their outing Adam asks Aubree if she wants supervised visits with him where they “can’t do anything fun” and if she thinks he’s mean. She answers “no” to both questions. When Aubree returns home from her day with Adam she tells Chelsea that Adam promised her she would be going with him to his house.

Despite her issues with Adam and his family, the episode did offer a silver lining for Chelsea. She shared that her relationship with boyfriend Cole DeBoer is going swimmingly. “We’re going strong,” she told a pal. “He’s the best.”

Jenelle Evans

Despite only accepting Nathan Griffith's marriage proposal, Jenelle reveals she's having relationship issues with her new fiancé. She says they had a big fight with their friends during the last night of their engagement vacation. Jenelle expresses her upset to a friend, claiming Nathan did not stick up for her when one of their pals said she did not deserve her two boys, Jace and Kaiser.

In the middle of their rocky romance, Jenelle tells Nathan she has plans to meet with a lawyer to fight for custody of Jace who is being cared for by her mom, Barbara. Jenelle asks Nathan to attend the meeting and he says he will consider it. When Nathan makes Jenelle late for her lawyer’s appointment the following day, she lashes out at Nathan and informs her that he will not be going to the meeting. When Jenelle asks him to reconsider and he refuses the duo exchange heated words inside their home.

Nathan tells Jenelle winning back Jace is not his problem. Jenelle lashes out, saying, “Stop acting like a b—h. You do this all the time!” 

After her blowout with Nathan, Jenelle leaves their home in tears. When Nathan leaves her an apologetic voicemail, she returns to get him and they reschedule their appointment. In route to their meeting Nathan tells Jenelle the only reason he did not hurt her during their argument is because she’s a woman. He says he cannot take their yelling anymore and that they need to go to counseling. Jenelle agrees, calling their constant fighting “exhausting.”

When Jenelle meets with her attorney she says she wants full custody of Jace. 

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn and Javi Marroquin went to therapy in an effort to correct their marital issues where they did an appreciation exercise. Javi compliments Kailyn on her passion, saying it makes him proud, but she reject his praise. “I just want to hear that I’m a good mom or something,” Kailyn says through tears.

In the middle of her marriage drama and college courses, Kailyn reveals she filed to change her visitation agreement with her son Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera. When Kailyn met with Joe to discuss the issue, he says he's planning to move closer to her in order to make their situation easier. Kailyn says she doesn’t want him to relocate. 

After returing home from her meeting with Jo, Kailyn and Javi engage in another fight, resulting in Javi leaving for a motel. Kailyn tells a friend their fight came about after he discovered she was following a man named "Mike" on Instagram. "He said he was done. That it's over," Kailyn says. When Javi returns home he accuses his wife of being sneaky with her phone. 

"If we are happier divorced, then that is what we need to do for our kids," Kailyn says.

"Teen Mom 2" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.