If you thought “Teen Mom 2” Season 6 was dramatic, just wait until you see episode 4. The theme of the episode "Not Good Enough," based off of four sneak-peek videos from Thursday’s installment, appears to be fighting. Teasers show Kailyn Lowry talking divorce with her husband Javi, Jenelle Evans arguing with with her mother, Chelsea Houska dealing with her daughter’s temper tantrum and Leah Messer debating a custody agreement with her ex-husband.


When episode 3 concluded Javi Marroquin had fled his home with Kailyn after discovering she followed a male friend on Instagram. In Thursday’s episode it appears Javi has returned home, but as Kailyn points out in the sneak-peek clip, their marriage is not in a good place. When Javi asks where they have gone wrong in their relationship, Kailyn says she is annoyed that he “needs to be included” when she’s with her friends. When Javi argues that they use to spend all of their time together, Kailyn says she doesn’t enjoy spending time with him anymore because when they do, they fight.

“We are not even trying,” Kailyn tells Javi. “We are on verge of staying together or getting divorce or separating, whatever.”

Watch the sneak peek “Where Are We Going Wrong?” below:


Aubree’s time spent with her dad’s side of the family will result in an epic meltdown in episode 4. When Chelsea arrives at her daughter’s preschool, a teacher informs her that Aubree scratched a classmate and refused to apologize. When Chelsea tries to talk some sense into Aubree, she screams. Chelsea explains Aubree’s actions in a voiceover, saying, “Aubree got back from Adam’s parents a few days ago and sometimes she has a hard time adjusting.”

Watch the sneak peek “Aubree Acts Out” below:


Jenelle reunites with her mom Barbara in episode 4, but their reunion isn’t exactly a warm and fuzzy affair. While Jenelle doesn’t reveal her plans to fight for custody of her firstborn Jace in the sneak-peek clip, they do battle over Jace calling Barbara “mom” instead of her agreed upon nickname, “Meme.”

“He doesn’t understand. You said, ‘He can call me mom.’ No, he can’t. I’m the mom,” Jenelle says.

“He knows who I am. I’ve always been with him,” Barbara says, denying she lets Jace call her his mother. “I know who I am,” she adds. 

Watch the sneak peek “Mom Is My Name” below:


Leah and her ex-husband Corey Simms meet to discuss a custody arrangement for their twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah. Corey says he wants more time with the girls during the week. Leah says she feels giving away more of her days will not give her the ability to parent the way she sees fit. Corey responds by saying having more time with their girls is “time that he doesn’t have to worry” about his daughters being late for school. 

“You think I’m trying to them away from you forever and I’m not,” Corey says.

“That’s the way it comes off,” Leah responds.

Watch the sneak peek "A Plea For More Time" below:

“Teen Mom 2” Season 6, episode 4, "Not Good Enough," airs Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.