Adam Lind made it clear he didn’t want to continue filming “Teen Mom 2” during the Season 7 reunion show last month but it appears he’s still a cast member on the MTV reality series. Despite his continued involvement, the father of two has reportedly been causing drama while filming new episodes.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports Adam was “rude to the film crew and producers” while filming at his 6-year-old daughter Aubree’s softball game last week. A source tells the site that Adam, who shares Aubree with “Teen Mom 2” lead Chelsea Houska, complained during the event. 

“Basically the whole time just whined that whatever he did on camera would be edited to make him look bad. The producer tried to assure Adam that wasn’t true, but he still caused quite the scene,” an insider said. The source added that Adam’s fiancée, Stasia Huber, was also in attendance and looked “really uncomfortable” during the altercation.

Producers are reportedly considering withholding Adam’s money if he doesn’t cooperate in the future. “If he is not doing the job they are paying him to do, why should he keep getting paid?” the source reasoned. 

Adam’s last appearance on “Teen Mom 2” was a dramatic one. While speaking to host Dr. Drew Pinksy during the reunion in June, Adam refused to answer any of his questions and said he was “done” with the show. “I’m not going to give you guys any more fuel to the fire. I want out of this life. I’m f---ing sick of it,” he told the audience. “Money’s not even worth it anymore.” 


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So why did Adam decide to return for the new episodes? The Ashley reports he may not have had a choice, sharing the new season is being referred to by MTV as Season 7B instead of Season 8, therefore contracts were possibly not renegotiated. 

Following his child support battle with Chelsea this season, Adam’s salary may also play a factor in his decision to stay. In March, Adam shared that Chelsea made $250,000 for filming Season 6 and confirmed his salary was “close.”

Despite the rumored drama going on behind-the-scenes, Cheslea doesn’t seem fazed by her ex’s actions. The reality star posted a photo from Aubree’s game on Instagram last week but didn’t mention any drama with her ex. She also recently announced she’s expecting her second child and seems to be enjoying discussing her pregnancy on social media.


It's that time of year again! ⚾️

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On July 12, Chelsea and her fiancé Cole DeBoer revealed they’re expecting their first child together. The couple has yet to find out the gender of their baby, but Chelsea recently took to Twitter to have fans help her figure out the Ramzi Theory — an idea that an unborn child’s gender can be determined by the placenta’s location in the uterus. Baby DeBoer is due to arrive in February 2017, four months after the couple ties the knot.