A new season of MTV's hit series "Teen Mom 2" is officially here, but it's baby daddy drama as usual for some of the show's much beloved stars. Chelsea Houska, who was first introduced to fans as a part of "16 and Pregnant," may be in a new, healthy relationship in Season 7, but she may never be through fighting with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. 

In an interview with the International Business Times, Chelsea, 24, revealed that her former beau is up to the same old tricks in the latest installment of "Teen Mom 2," which premiered on Monday. While there will be limited interaction between the exes during Season 7, Adam's actions will weigh heavy on both Chelsea and her daughter Aubrey. In fact, the reality TV star/aesthetician assured IBT that viewers will see — and hear — more from Aubrey about the effects of her father's behavior on her. The mother of one said it's been"frustrating" to co-parent with someone that neither she nor her daughter can rely on, but has found that lowering her expectations has helped significantly.

"I mean, I used to have expectations and I guess to get my hopes up thinking maybe he's going to start stepping up, but I've just kind of learned to not expect anything and that's made it a lot easier," she said.  "I don't get frustrated when he doesn't do something."


While Chelsea may not be leaning on Adam much during Season 7, she's been fortunate enough to find support in fiancé Cole DeBoer. The "Teen Mom 2" star said that although her baby daddy's support is hit or miss — mostly the latter — Cole has really stepped up to the plate. She told IBT that he "helps out a lot" with various things, which viewers will get to see first hand on the series. 

"I can really rely on him," she said. "He's been taking on some responsibilities, like helping me pick her up from school and things. I think she gets more excited when he picks her up than when I do."

Another thing "Teen Mom 2" viewers will be gifted in Season 7? A look at Chelsea and Cole's wedding preparations. The South Dakota native said that, although her desire to keep certain aspects of her life — namely her and Cole's relationship — private has grown as she's gotten older, she did allow MTV's cameras to follow along in the planning stages of her wedding. She revealed to IBT that everything is going smoothly so far, largely because she enlisted the help of a wedding planner. Chelsea said she'd recommend that anyone planning a wedding do so, though she adds that it also helps that she and Cole, who have been engaged since November 2015, according to Us Weekly, "like the same things." While she couldn't give away much about the wedding, she did share that the theme will be somewhat "rustic," adding that she's just "not into pink and frilly."

"The wedding planning is actually going great. I did end up getting a wedding planner, which is like, the best thing in the world. I'm recommending it to everybody because she's so helpful and I'm not even stressed out a little bit," she said. "I've honestly been having a lot of fun. I think the venue was the hardest part. Places book out so fast — I had no idea!"

For more drama, wedding planning and watching Aubrey grow up tune in to MTV's "Teen Mom 2" Mondays at 10 p.m. EST. Check out a clip from the series below: