Don’t ask Kail Lowry if she’s getting divorced. The “Teen Mom 2” star has made it clear she’s not interested in talking about her marriage to Javi Marroquin.

Following rumors she and Javi are ending their marriage, Kail opened up about her relationship to the Real Mr. Housewife Wednesday, but did not confirm their status. “I have a lot of stuff going on in my life. Big things are coming. Changes are happening,” she said. While Kail’s comments echo her tweets about her skydiving adventure Monday, she says the idea that the experience has any correlation to her marriage ending is “sickening.”

“I can’t take a breath or a step without people claiming it has something to do with a divorce,” Kail said. She added she understands she’s a reality TV star but wants to be able to keep some of her life private. “… At this point there are some things I want to keep between my family. Due to that, I would really appreciate this over analyzation of every move I make stopping, as it’s simply getting ridiculous.”

Javi, who is currently deployed by the U.S. Air Force, shared equally cryptic comments about their marriage on Twitter Wednesday. After tweeting lyrics from a Drake song — “I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do” — Javi said all of the details about his relationship would come out in due time.

Kail and Javi have been plagued by divorce rumors for years. After Kail said “divorce is not a option” in a 2014 interview, fans speculated the couple may be splitting several months later when Javi was spotted without her at a strip club. Kail came to her husband’s defense, saying she didn’t mind him going out, but that didn’t stop her from discussing divorce in “Teen Mom 2” Season 6. The 2015 season of the MTV docuseries showed Kail saying a divorce from Javi was inevitable and accusing him of “smothering” her.

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