Mackenzie Douthit is finally addressing rumors that she asked fans to pay for her plastic surgery. The 20-year-old “Teen Mom 3” star is blaming “a miscommunication” for the entire thing, saying she would never ask her fans to do that.

Douthit sat down with Wetpaint where she set the record straight once and for all. According to her, it was all a big misunderstanding. The rumors began circulating after a fan asked if the could share Douthit’s plans to get plastic surgery. Shortly after, a crowdfunding site for the procedure appeared and the rest was history. Multiple outlets ran stories claiming Douthit had asked her fans to create the fundraising page. Douthit said she had “no clue” fans thought she’d asked them to pay.

“I was like, ‘No, no, that’s not what I want. I’m going to pay for them!’” She told the magazine.

Despite the controversy, Douthit plans to move forward with the surgery. The young mother of two says having children and bodybuilding changed her body, adding that she’s tired of looking “like a 12-year-old boy.” She assures fans her desire to get breast implants is not to look good in clubs, but rather to look more like the mature mother that she is.

“After I nursed the kids, I became very flat,” she shared. “I can’t even wear a training bra because there’s a gap in it and it’s really bad. I don’t want these ridiculous honkers to go to the club with. I want to always respect my husband [Josh McKee], but I do want to have a mom figure. I want to look like a mom and a woman. I get told I look like a 12-year-old boy a lot because I’m a muscle head with no boobs.”

This is the second time Douthit’s been forced to address these rumors. On May 20, she took to Twitter to let her a fan know that just because it appears in a tabloid, doesn’t mean it’s a fact. She tweeted, “don’t believe everything you read,” and left it at that.

The former MTV star has not yet revealed when she will have the surgery done. In the meantime she is focused on her two children, Gannon and Jaxie Taylor, her husband, and her fitness model training.