"Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham's plastic surgery was considered a success, as far as celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is concerned.
[Click here to see pictures of Abraham's new nose and new chin.]
MTV's "Teen Mom" is show is beginning to become synonymous with young plastic surgery after Farrah Abraham has now undergone several plastic surgeries that consist of a rhinoplasty (nose job) breast enhancement and chin reconstruction. 
The aspiring model who also tried her hand at singing probably thought it would be best for her career to opt to get facial reconstruction but MTV has previously stated they are not happy with the way their "Teen Mom" stars are spending their money. 
Abraham was one of the first young, reality stars to undergo breast enhancement but "Teen Mom 2" celeb Jenelle Evans also got a breast enhancement and made sure to post it all over social media. 
But Abraham's looks aren't the only things she has going for her. She has also written a book and at one point she was an aspiring chef. She once said that he wanted to use the money from her career to start a restaurant. 
The young mother went under the knife on October 7th, where she allegedly paid $16,000 for a rhinoplasty and chin implants from plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Bal Harbour, Florida, Perez Hilton reported. 
Abraham has always been a fan of plastic surgery and after her first breast enhancement she was more than pleased with her results.
"I didn't feel like I was woman enough anymore. I knew I could be happier. I think it's helped my confidence and for me to feel more like a woman. My boobs are perfect."
The "Teen Mom" has gotten mixed reviews over her most recent surgeries, what do you think about the money she has spent to make her face "perfect?" Do you think the money could have been spent better?