Leah Messer’s parenting has come under attack. The “Teen Mom 2” star’s decision to tell fans about her daughter’s latest dentist visit result in a barrage of hate comments.

The controversy started on Monday when Leah asked Twitter fans to “say a prayer” for her 6-year-old Aleeah “Gracie” Simms ahead of a dentist visit. Leah followed up the post by sharing a photo of her daughter sporting two less teeth.

“Holy cow!! Gracie getting two teeth pulled was so unexpected!! This mamma was so nervous for her, but she was sooooo BRAVE!” she captioned the photo. On Twitter, Leah shared that Gracie had to have her teeth removed because of an infection that could have damaged her permanent teeth. 


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While some fans offered their support to the mom of three, others slammed Leah for having her daughter’s teeth removed. Luckily for Leah, however, one of her co-stars came to her defense. Randy Houska, dad of “Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska, made it known to viewers that the 24-year-old did nothing wrong.

“Back off [Leah] for baby tooth extractions,” the South Dakota based dentist wrote Tuesday. “I have extracted thousands of anterior baby teeth including some of my kid’s & grandkid’s.”

Leah responded to Randy, saying she wasn’t paying naysayers any attention. “Her teeth are great! I pay not mind to #ignorance,” she wrote. “Funny they happen to be so quick to judge.” 

This isn’t the first time Leah’s parenting has come into question. Viewers became concerned for her children in 2014 when an episode of “Teen Mom 2” showed her slurring her words after taking prescription medication. Viewers once again criticized Leah in March when a scene from the Season 7 premiere episode showed her allowing her youngest daughter Addalynn to eat a sugar packet.