Last week was Mother’s Day and Monday’s installment was all about the dads on “Teen Mom OG.” Season 6, episode 9 of the MTV series, “The Tipping Point,” saw the turmoil after Ryan Edwards’ fight with his dad Larry as Maci Bookout voiced her opinion on the matter. Elsewhere, Farrah Abraham prepared to open up a local business, Tyler Baltierra struggled with his wife’s mental illness and Amber Portwood battled her weight issues.


With one week to go until the opening of her frozen yogurt shop, Farrah brings in her family to help her prepare. Farrah tells her mom she’s mastered the art of manufacturing, even creating her own stuffed animal for the family friendly shop. But it wouldn’t be a Farrah segment without an argument. Farrah gets upset when her parents put the items for her store in the freezer.

Farrah is also show interviewing potential workers and reveals her employees must wear special sunglasses. She asks one candidate about her family life and age, before agreeing to hire another woman who previously worked for the shop’s older owners.

Later on, over a meal, Farrah tells her mom she also wants to open up “Sophia’s Nail Spa” for her daughter Sophia but is mainly focusing on her frozen yogurt restaurant right now. Debra says she’s proud of how business oriented her daughter is.


While Maci works to take care of baby Maverick and Jayde, who is starting to get mobile, her ex Ryan deals with drama with his family. Ryan reveals he’s moved out of his parents home after fighting with his dad Larry over wrenches and will likely never speak to him again. Ryan says he and his dad have never gotten along but that his relationship with his mom is fine.

When the producers talk to Ryan’s parents, Larry said he’s tired of his son’s “lies” and calls him a bum. “I never want to be around him ever because I’m tired of that blood-sucking leach. I’m over it,” he says, resulting in his wife Jen crying and leaving the room. Larry says he’s always been second to Ryan when it comes to his wife and he’s tired of it. “I wouldn’t piss on him if he’s on fire,” he says. “I’m serious.”

Maci tells a friend she’s aware of Ryan’s fight with his parents (which comes after she accused him of having a chemical imbalance) and says he instructed her not to bring their son Bentley over to their home. Maci says she’s not going to let Ryan use Bentley as a “pawn.” However, when Jen texts Maci asking to take Bentley to see Ryan on Father’s Day, she obliges. Maci tells her fiancé Taylor McKinney that Bentley cried when he learned he was going to spend time with Ryan’s family.

When Bentley gets to Ryan’s, he insults his haircut and says he looks “hideous.” Jen advises Ryan to take Bentley for a haircut, but he doesn’t.


Amber reveals her plan to go see a weight loss specialist after gaining back 20 pounds of the 40 she lost. Her fiancé, Matt Baier, says he thinks she is “perfect” but understands her desire to want to lose weight, especially since she’s been sleep eating.

After seeing a specialist, Amber tells Matt she’s been told she needs to make a lifestyle change and will have to make meal replacements with drinks. Amber shares she knows how to lose weight, but doesn’t know how to keep it off and thinks her depression caused her to gain it back. She also admits that she wasn’t strong enough to kick addiction and the extra weight at the same time but feels ready for the challenge now.

Amid Amber’s diet, Matt and her daughter Leah take a trip to a fast food restaurant. Amber gets annoyed when Matt tells her he’s going to order a shake. Back at the house, he cooks her chicken on the grill while he’s eating fries and comments that he feels like an “awful person.” Amber tells the cameras she’s hoping her diet gets easier as she goes.

While Amber deals with her weight issues, Matt continues to battle the tabloids. He says he doesn’t let the reports bother him and hasn’t done anything bad since being clean. He says he and Amber wake up “crazy happy” every day and that’s all that matters.


Tyler has a meal with his mom Kim and she says she sees Catelynn Baltierra slipping back into the same routine before she went to treatment for anxiety and depression. Kim says Catelynn isn’t helping herself by not going to after care after treatment and says its upsets her and Tyler agrees. Tyler says he he doesn’t think Catelynn realizes how “damaged” she is from her childhood.

Tyler decides to go see Catelynn’s therapist Kathleen after saying he feels he’s become more “negative.” Tyler and Kathleen discuss Catelynn’s failure to get after care following therapy. While Tyler says the treatment professional told him not to comment on Catelynn’s life choices, Kathleen tells him it’s OK to say something if her issues are hurting their relationship.

Back at the house, Tyler voices his upset to Catelynn after she says she’s bored and has nothing to do. Tyler tells her he’s “sick” of hearing her say that and shares his hope that she won’t let herself get back into her old behavioral patterns by “walking through life like a log.” Catelynn cries when Tyler comments he may get hardened by life, saying, “I feel like my mental illness ruins everything.” Tyler says her illness doesn’t ruin anything, but she disagrees.

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