Fighting, strippers, horses and tabloids are the four words that sum up Monday’s “Teen Mom OG.” Season 6, episode 13 of the MTV docuseries saw one mom head to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party and another head to New York to prepare a tell-all book. Watch scenes and find out what went down in “Ginger’s Last Binger” below!


Taylor McKinney and Maci Bookout head to Las Vegas separately for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. While Taylor (who says he doesn’t “care” what the women are up to) puts his friends to the test in his best man Olympics challenge, Maci and her girls go to a strip show. Wearing her bachelorette sash, Maci is brought onstage for a special one-on-one routine and she appears to get into it. Watch the debauchery below!

The following morning Maci calls the stripper’s moves “aggressive” and the entire ordeal shocking. She admits she broke Taylor’s bachelorette party rule by having the cameras film the outing but says it wasn’t her fault because her friends surprised her with the show.


While house-sitting for her mom, Catelynn Baltierra admits to her husband Tyler that she wants to look into buying a horse for therapy reasons. Catelynn says that unlike the pig situation that resulted in her going to therapy (we learn the pig is now living with her mother and named Pickles), she will research the purchase more carefully and wants a connection with the animal first.

During a visit to a stable, Catelynn tries to learn about purchasing and boarding horses but her daughter Nova won’t stop crying. Finally, Catelynn gets one-on-one time with a horse named Callie, who she bonds with. Catelynn reveals she hopes to have a horse live or visit on her and Tyler’s 2-acre property.

When she returns home, Catelynn tells Tyler about the prices ($3,000 to buy the horse, not including boarding) and he suggests she volunteer at a stable instead. Catelynn explains that owning a horse will help with her therapy because she’ll be able to ride it whenever she wants. Tyler counter she could just simply pay to ride a horse when she feels like she needs to but Catelynn says she wants an animal she bonds with.


Amber Portwood says she’s depressed over tabloid stories about her and Matt Baier’s relationship and doesn’t want her daughter Leah around to see her upset. Matt talks to a blogger who suggests he write a tell-all book to dismiss rumors about his past. Amber is onboard with the idea and says she didn’t go on TV for criticism, but to show you can go to prison, be drug addict, have a teen pregnancy and still rise above it.

Despite crying about not seeing Leah for a few weeks, saying it’s taken a toll on her, Amber ditches a visit with her daughter to accompany Matt to New York for book planning, saying he needs her. When Amber and Matt sit down with the RealMrHousewife writer (who has since revealed the book’s release date) they discuss the inaccuracies being reported about his past, including rumors about his son Christopher, who lives with them, his infamous tweet to Farrah Abraham (Matt says his friend tweeted at Farrah after having a discussion about her porn video during a poker game), and his sobriety. 

Meanwhile, Leah’s father Gary Shirley admits he’s aware that Amber and Matt have a recovering drug addict living with them. Gary says his No. 1 concern is Leah and he’s unsure how well Amber and Matt know Christopher. Gary also shares it’s been one month since Amber saw their daughter.


Farrah Abraham and her mother Debra get into it in episode 13. Their fighting begins when Debra complains about the traffic en route to dropping off Sophia for her first day of second-grade and continues as she and Farrah discuss her dating life and work.

During a meal after Sophia’s first day of school, Farrah brings up the fact that her furniture store is opening later than anticipated. When Farrah shares that she almost hired a manager whom she had yet to meet in person via text, Debra advises her against bringing someone aboard who has yet to prove themselves. Farrah tells her mother not to tell her how to run a business.

Back at the house, Farrah discusses her lack of desire to date (she says ex Simon Saran and her are merely friends). When Debra reveals she’s found someone and Farrah refuses to meet him, they get into another argument. Farrah accuses her mother of being engaged twice since divorcing her dad Michael, but Debra denies the allegations. Farrah tells her mom she’s lying to herself and tells her to take her lies to her bedroom.

Upstairs and upset, Debra tells a producer she feels hated by her own family and is not allowed to be happy. “Tell me why I’m alive,” Debra cries. Sophia lightens the moment by bringing her grandmother a snack and giving her a hug.

Downstairs when Farrah asks Sophia for an assessment on her parenting, Sophia tells her mom she’s being less nice and more rude. Farrah tells her daughter she’s wrong and is “never rude.” Farrah goes on to inform Sophia she’s been whining too much lately.

When Debra finally reemerges from her room she says she doesn’t want to fight but of course, that doesn’t happen. Farrah says she is “over” their communication issues and therapy. When Debra says they cannot change the past and denies ever getting physical with Farrah, Farrah storms off in tears. Farrah tells her mother to leave her house because all she wants to do is “hate.”