The "Teen Mom OG" stars were in a partying mood in Season 6, episode 3 of the MTV series. Monday night's installment showed Farrah Abraham being kicked out of an exclusive white party, Maci Bookout partying in Las Vegas and Catelynn Lowell celebrating her bachelorette party. The only original "Teen Mom" star not to let loose was Amber Portwood, who began her emotional fight for custody of her daughter, Leah. 


Catelynn says she’s worried about her and Tyler Baltierra’s upcoming bachelor/bachelorette parties. When Catelynn learns Tyler is going to a gentlemen's club infamous for giving grooms extra attention, she says she's "nervous." Before going their separate ways for the night, Catelynn tells her husband-to-be there's “no cheating" allowed.

Catelynn enjoys her night out with friends. At the end of her evening, her pals tell her they'll pick up Tyler and his friends from the strip club. Catelynn says she doesn’t want to go there, saying she's worried she'll see Tyler doing something inappropriate.

Watch Catelynn visit Tyler at the strip club:

Before Catelynn arrives at the party, Tyler tells the strippers he has a very “respectable” girl at home and that he has received enough attention for one night. When Catelynn and Tyler reunite at the strip club, one of the strippers tells Catelynn what a “good man” she has.


Amber reveals that Gary, her daughter Leah’s dad, has been filled in on her plans to file for joint custody. She says he’s not pleased with her decision and is now only allowing her to see Leah a few hours a week, which is the minimum time required by Indiana law.

Gary points out that Leah and her fiancé, Matt, are both ex-addicts and says he wants their custody arrangement  to stay the way it is.

When speaking to her cousin Krystal, Amber says she’s not ready to have more kids and reveals she’s on birth control. Amber says she doesn’t plan to have more children until everything is settled with Leah and she’s married to Matt.

During her brief visit with Leah, Amber takes her to a park. When Leah is recognized by a young “Teen Mom” fan, Amber lets her daughter play with the girl at the park. Amber says she wants Leah to play with more kids her age. 

After dropping off Leah back at Gary’s, Amber shares a few strange things her daughter told her. Amber tells producers that Leah said: “Daddy told me if I keep saying I want to live with you, they’re going to take me away from Daddy.” Leah says Gary is likely feeling threatened by their impending court battle. Amber says Gary is unable to accept her as a changed, sober person. After Amber says she has given up on changing his mind, she cries. 


Farrah resolves her issues with her mom, Debra, and invites her to accompany her and her daughter, Sophia, on a business trip to Nevada. Farrah reveals she’s working on a beauty line. Her business partner, Heather, extends her an invitation to a Hamptons white party while they’re planning her multistate trip.

Heather later tells Farrah she’s been uninvited to the party as the organizers want the event to be as “upscale as possible” and they find her too controversial. Farrah calls it rude and unprofessional to be given the boot. She says her controversial persona is because of “Teen Mom.” Debra disagrees, saying it likely has to do with her past sex tape. 

While in the Hamptons, Farrah decides to crash the white party. She says the event organizers probably won’t confront her in person. When Debra begins to reiterate Farrah’s past as a sex tape star may be what turns people off, Farrah doesn't let her finish her thought. When Farrah’s “Teen Mom” producer interrupts their conversation to point out her sex tape came out three years ago, Farrah gets upset. “There was nothing of the tape said,” Farrah says, once again blaming her controversial image on being a member of the “Teen Mom” cast. Sophia reacts by throwing a beach ball at Debra, saying, “I am mad at you.” 

Farrah leaves Sophia with a baby sitter and goes to the white party. She gets through the door but is kicked out of the party four minutes later. “I just feel like I’m so much more important now because they did that,” Farrah says. Debra says her daughter will thank them one day for what they did.


Maci's boyfriend Taylor McKinney is grilled by his friends and barber about when he plans to propose to his longtime girlfriend. Taylor jokes he will pop the question at the end of this season of “Teen Mom OG” so he can secure himself another season on the show. “I’m a businessman,” he says.

When his friends ask him his serious plans, he says he’s simply trying to figure out the best way to propose. “I know she’s ready,” he says. 

Amid the engagement talk, Maci and Taylor head to Las Vegas for a kids-free trip. Maci says she’s going to be very “intoxicated” during their getaway and hopes to win big.

During a night out, Maci and her pals grill Taylor about when he’s going to propose marriage. Maci says she’s tired of defending Taylor to others who disparage him. Some of Taylor’s friends back him up, telling Maci a proposal will happen when the time is right.

Watch Maci and Taylor talk about marriage below:

Maci later calls the conversation “uncomfortable.” She tells her friends she will never pressure someone to propose to her but doesn’t understand Taylor's reason for not moving forward with their relationship. She says his holdup is likely due to his desire to make a grand proposal. She says she ultimately just wants him to vow to be her “teammate” for life.

“Make me your wife. Confirm it for me. I want him to be my husband and I want to be his wife forever, for the rest of my life," she says.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.