Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards started the 2016 season of “Teen Mom OG” on the right foot, but it appears their co-parenting relationship is starting to crumble. In a sneak peek of Season 5B, episode 14 Maci confronts Ryan over being late to drop off their son Bentley. Ryan retaliates by slamming Maci for not allowing her to spend more time with their son.

After complaining about Ryan’s tardiness to her producer, and accusing him of being late on purpose, Maci, 24, confronts her ex in person. Ryan blames his lateness on having to take an alternate route to get to Bentley home from school. Just as Maci goes to walk away from their conversation, Ryan confronts her over an unfavorable text message he received from her. 

“I got a text message from you the other day that clearly stated that you didn’t have a reason why Bentley couldn’t stay the other day and then you wanted to be rude about it,” Ryan, who shares custody of Bentley, tells Maci. “I’m just complaining about how you do things.”

When Maci asks for examples, Ryan goes on to call her “rude“ and calls her out for saying their “conservration was over.”

“Right, because you were being ugly,” Maci says. When Ryan asks for a better explanation, Maci advises him to go re-read his text messages. When Ryan goes to get his phone to read her statements out loud, Maci refuses to participate. 

“I don’t have time for this right now. We can do it another day,” Maci says. After Ryan complains that Maci never has time to talk, Maci says they can meet up when he "can show up on time."

It appears Ryan’s issues with Maci will being a leading storyline in episode 14. According to MTV’s synopsis for “Never Say Goodbye,” Ryan will be “annoyed that Maci has all the control ver Bentley.”

Watch Ryan and Maci's argue in episode 14:

While it is clear Maci and Ryan will be at odds in Monday's installment, they’re not the only “Teen Mom OG” stars facing drama. In a second sneak peek, Amber Portwood is taken back when her daughter Leah calls her ex, who is fighting her for custody, and his new wife her “parents.” Amber tells her cousin her daughter’s comment “bothers” her. 

Elsewehere in episode 14, Farrah Abraham will get emotional after her daughter asks for a “daddy.” Tyler Balitierra and Catelynn Lowell will have to deal with their parents, who were previously married, both being in their home. 

“Teen Mom” Season 5B, episode 14 airs Monday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.