Amber Portwood’s fight with Farrah Abraham was highlighted during part one of the “Teen Mom OG” Season 6 reunion special Monday night. While viewers will have to wait until next week’s installment to see the entire argument play out, Amber’s segment with host Dr. Drew Pinsky did kick off what is sure to be the biggest fights in the series’ history.

While discussing her struggle with mental illness, mainly her newly diagnosed borderline personality disorder, Amber explained she doesn’t like mean people, referencing Farrah, who has been known to get into several fights on the show. 

“I like nice people. I don’t like mean people because then I get mean. Only if they’re meant to me first, though. I can not just be mean to you. Like, I’m not Farrah Abraham,” Amber said. “I can’t just be mean to you for no reason but if you’re mean to me, I’m a woman, I’m going to stand up for myself.”

When Dr. Drew followed up by asking Amber how her relationship with Farrah is today, Amber said they no longer get along. The “Teen Mom OG” star credited their issues to an interview Farrah did in which she allegedly said her daughter Leah was better off living with her ex Gary Shirley and that her house likely “smells like piss” due to the number of rescue dogs she owns.

Amber added that her issues with Farrah also stem from her and her “boy toy” Simon Saran’s feuds with the rest of the “Teen Mom OG” cast and crew, including her future husband, Matt Baier. 

“When she makes the quote saying she’s the reason why this show’s on well, I’m sorry, but when I went to prison this show wasn’t on and when I got out, it sure as hell was on and she was selling her vagina while I was gone,” Amber said, referencing Farrah’s sex tape and toy line past. 

When Dr. Drew asked Amber to be more “positive” about the situation, Amber refused and scolded him for not calling her out more during tapings. “She needs to change,” Amber said, slamming Farrah for being “disrespectful” to her mother Debra on camera. Amber went on to state she would be open to sitting with Farrah during later segment and would accept an apology from her if she was willing to offer one. 

When Matt came out on stage, he said he has “no feelings” towards Farrah. He said he and Amber collectively “had her back” prior to her recent comments. Amber also shared Matt has issues with Simon for calling him a “pedophile.” 

“Teen Mom OG” viewers will have to wait until Monday, Dec. 5, to watch Amber and Farrah’s fight play out. According to Amber, if MTV doesn’t show the fight in full in part 2, she might not return for the 2017 episodes.