“Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham has hinted about past trauma during previous television appearances, but opened up during her podcast, “Farrah & Friends,” Thursday about an attempted rape she experienced. The reality TV star said she is  “banned” from Uber after the experience.

“An Uber driver almost raped me,” she said. The alleged attack took place on Long Island, New York, at 2 a.m., Radar Online noted. She did not reveal the date.

Though the authorities were called, it was her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, who came to her defense. “My non-boyfriend threw him in the window and almost broke his car window.”

Even though police showed up and Saran had gotten involved, the driver still tried to pursue Abraham. “The Persian dude ran after me,” she explained. “‘The cops were like, ‘You’re harassing her’ and I was like, ‘See I told you!’”

The reality star, who originally hails from Iowa, briefly discussed how women in the entertainment industry are exploited. “I’ve drawn the line. I’ve said to myself, ‘This is not where I want to be and I’m not happy.’ It leads to some sort of change,” she said. “Is it really that important that we let ourselves get that far off to get where we need to be?”

It’s not the first time Abraham talked about being exploited. When celebrity psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky interviewed her for Part 1 of the “Teen Mom OG” reunion special, he said she suffered “horrific” experiences in her past. In turn, it has caused her to re-enact these traumas in her present life.

But she doesn’t want to do that anymore. “I want to grow forward,” she said. “I would love to continue 'Teen Mom.' I would love to do that. Do I feel like I’m growing as fast that I can grow and being the best person that I can be? ... I don’t know ... I need to just stand firm.”

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