MTV’s “Teen Wolf” returned for its third season Monday. Picking up four months after season two left off, the premiere episode was anything but dull.

The episode kicks off with a girl saving Isaac with some jumper cables (oww!), and fleeing from the new Alpha werewolf twins on a motorcycle. But since the twins are werewolves, the bike wasn’t fast enough to outrun them. Isaac and the girl crash the bike, and the twins morph into a crazy uber-werewolf. Fortunately the mysterious girl has a gun that shoots electricity and is able to ward off the Alpha twins before they can attack again.

Meanwhile, Scott is with Stiles at a tattoo shop, where he wants to get two bands on his arm. After getting the tattoo, Scott begins to feel a weird pain, and when he rips off the bandage he discovers that his tattoo healed immediately.

After the tattoo parlor, Scott and Stiles drive off, only to pull up behind Lydia and Alison (awkward!). The girls drive off so Alison can avoid Scott for a little longer, but their plan takes a bizarre turn when a giant deer runs right into their car.

As the four of them pull themselves together after the deer accident, Isaac and the mysterious girl are in the emergency room. Finding Scott’s mother, the girl warns her that she needs the Alpha – but Scott instead of Derek. When Isaac wakes he needs healing and begs Scott’s mom to give her son a call because Derek is off searching for his pack. But before Scott has a chance to get there, a werewolf sneaks into Isaac’s room to knock him out with drugs.

When Scott does get to the hospital he’s stalled when a blind man stops him and asks him for help leaving the elevator. After Scott helps him, he turns to find Isaac being wheeled into an elevator with a werewolf disguised as a nurse. A fight ensues and Derek turns up to help Scott.

Derek and Scott take Isaac back to Derek’s house to help heal the Alpha bite (which robbed Isaac of his memories). Although Derek tells Scott to go back to school, Scott stays and makes him help make his healed tattoo reappear – with the help of a blowtorch (ouch!). Derek then tells Scott about the pack of Alphas and their leader – the blind man that Scott helped in the elevator.

While Scott learns of the Alpha pack, trouble is brewing in school. As Lydia tells Stiles about her dog Prada biting her, a bird hits the window – and then a whole flock of birds. They break through the window and attack the students, but everyone somehow manages to make it through with only a few scratches.

When Alison’s father comes to check out the situation, he reveals to Stiles’s dad that he hasn’t seen anything like it before … until he heads to the kennel to see that all the animals inside have killed themselves. But the bizarre day isn’t over for Alison and Lydia. In the hall following the attack, the mysterious girl who saved Isaac runs to them to ask for Scott. Grabbing Alison and Lydia’s wrists, she leaves the girls bruised when she spots the twin Alphas at the end of the hall. Seeking refuge in the girls locker room, the girl is attacked by the pack and comes face-to-face with the blind Alpha leader. She tells him that she knows he’s afraid of Scott … and then the Alpha leader kills her.

The premiere episode of “Teen Wolf” concluded with Alison and Lydia realizing that the bruises from the mysterious girl formed a special mark. We’ll have to check back next week to find out what it means!

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