Is it just us, or are things really starting to get out of control in season 3 of “Teen Wolf?” During episode 21, the MTV series shocked us when it revealed some crucial information regarding the pesky nogitsune that’s taken over Stiles’ body. According to reports, the menacing kitsune was called upon by Kira’s mother Mrs. Yukimura—who is actually 900 years old. Weird, we know. But things are only going to get stranger when episode 22, “De-Void,” airs next Monday.

Noshiko (Mrs. Yukimura) called upon the dark spirit after getting into a fight with soldiers during a World War II flashback. But the nogitsune decided it wasn’t going to deliver exactly what she had requested. Instead of entering her body, the nogitsune slips into Noshiko’s dead boyfriend (Reese), who died from serious burns. His death was caused by an old woman who happened to be a werewolf. After getting hit by a soldier, the older woman is unable to control her anger, which is when she turns. In the process, she throws a bottle of alcohol lit on fire and unfortunately it hits Reese. You may know Reese as the bloody and bandaged monster lurking around.

Noshiko attempts to go after the nogitsune, but is only able to defeat him when the werewolf woman comes to her aid. They eventually kill him, which brings us to the most nail-biting plot of season 3: Is Stiles going to be killed?

Noshiko tells her daughter that the only way to save Stiles is to kill him, and apparently the only one taking her advice is Argent. In the promo for episode 22 we see Argent pointing a gun at Sheriff Stilinski’s son.

“Argent, don’t do this,” Stilinski says.

“Why not?” Argent asks. “I’ve done it before. “Werewolves, Bersekers, I can easily add a nogitsune to the list.”

With that threat, Stilinski pulls out his own gun. “You’re not going to shoot my son,” he warns.

“That’s not your son,” Argent replies. Meanwhile, Stiles is making the most menacing facial expressions.

“Dad, he’s going to shoot me,” the manipulative nogitsune says. “He’s going to kill me, dad.”

“Don’t listen,” Argent calmly replies.

That’s when the nogitsune totally goes wild.

“Pull the trigger,” it speaks. “Shoot me. Shoot me! Shoot me!”

Witnessing the horrific events, Tracey whispers to herself, “strife.”

If that scene doesn’t make you sweat, we don’t know what will! Do you think Stiles is going to be the character who dies in season 3? “Teen Wolf” has promised fans that one hero will fall. Could they be referring to Stiles’ self-sacrifice for the good of his community? Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below!