After episode 5, “Teen Wolf” fans know that they’re about to meet a lot of new characters with supernatural powers. The deadpool (the hit list for supernatural people in Beacon County) has plenty of names on it, and that means everyone is fighting for their lives. According to the synopsis for episode 6, titled "Orphaned," an enemy will even turn to Scott for help.

Scott, who is usually a friend to everyone, isn’t really willing to help out the mysterious person who needs him. However "Orphaned" will find him forced into helping this enemy. Usually, Scott only gets forced into doing things when someone he loves is in danger, so fans can assume that someone's life will be threatened.

Viewers don’t yet know who this enemy is, but Kate is scheduled to appear in episode 6. As someone in the deadpool, she wants to know who is behind the hit list just as much as everyone else. Our theory is she might be enlisting Scott’s help to track down the Benefactor.

Meanwhile, Malia and Derek "track down an old ally." Viewers don’t know who this old friend is, but it has to be assumed that it’s Derek’s old friend since Malia has only been living as a human for the last six months. Malia wants to get out of town, so it makes sense she would tag along on Derek's road trip. This will likely show the scene fans saw in the Season 4 trailer with Malia and Derek discussing Stiles in a car. Also, “Teen Wolf” fans aren’t sure if Derek knows Malia is Peter’s daughter, which makes them cousins, but they probably will not be discussing their mutual relation to the sociopath yet. 

Check out the promo for next week below:

"Teen Wolf" Season 4 episode 6, titled "Orphaned," will air Monday July 28 at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Who do you think Derek and Malia are looking for? Leave your theories in the comments section below!