“Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 9 was absolutely insane. The episode followed Scott and his friends as they dealt with new assassins, solved the mystery of Lydia’s grandmother and discovered the Benefactor’s identity. “Perishable” included so many shocking moments, but these were definitely the most epic.

1. Parrish’s Attempted Assassination

The episode starts with Parrish being burned in a car by a Deputy Haigh. Whatever Parrish is, it’s apparently something immortal. He walks back to the Sheriff’s station naked and covered in ashes. He proceeds to pummel Haigh as Stiles, Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski look on. The Sheriff gets shot before he can intervene (he’s fine, though he’s buried in more medical bills). Parrish learns about the supernatural from Lydia, Derek and Scott, but no one has any idea what he is, including Parrish himself.

2. Everyone Has The Deadpool

Anyone can have access to this hit list. Liam’s computer goes off in the middle of the night and starts printing the deadpool. Coach’s computer does the same thing the next day. It seems that the list is just being sent out to people randomly in hopes that they will go for the money. When Liam sees the list, he realizes that the prices have changed. The price on his head is up to $18 million now.

3. Lydia’s Grandmother’s History

Lydia explains that her grandmother, Lorraine, created the cypher key. Lorraine used to work for IBM when she started hearing ringing, rain and thunder that wouldn't stop despite the sky being completely clear. Finally she started screaming, a trademark of a banshee. Four days later, the body of her best friend Maddy was found. After that, Lorraine tried getting into occult and pseudo sciences, but nothing made sense until she found Meredith, a fellow banshee. Lorraine and her team tested Meredith but their tests forced her into the mental hospital. Lydia says, “My grandmother drove her insane and I drove her to suicide and all she ever wanted to do was help.”

4. Scott Still Hasn’t Returned The Hale Money

Scott found a bag of cash from one of the assassins that died earlier this season. He knows the money belongs to the Hales, but he still hasn’t returned it. He counts it out again before hiding it under his bed.

5. Brunski Is A Killer

Everyone has hated Brunski, the Eichen House mental hospital worker, but no one could have realized that he has been killing everybody. Lydia’s grandmother led her to a new part of the deadpool that was filled with people who committed suicide at Eichen House. All of the suicides were actually murders that Brunski committed. “There are people here who don’t simply need treatment. They need release. I help them,” Brunski says.

He holds Stiles and Lydia hostage and forces them to listen to the tape of Lydia’s grandmother being killed (thwarting her theory that Lorraine is still alive). Before Brunski can hurt them, Deputy Parrish comes in and shoots him. They believe Brunski is the Benefactor, but Brunski isn’t dead yet. His dying words are, “She was controlling me.”

6. Meredith Is The Benefactor

Meredith did not kill herself (nor was she murdered by Brunski). She steps out of the shadows and reveals that she is the Benefactor. She tells Stiles, Lydia and Parrish that Brunski wasn’t on her list, but she never really liked him. 

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