“Teen Wolf” Season 4 just keeps bringing the shocking twists. In episode 8, “Time Of Death,” the Benefactor is revealed, Lydia finds out where her powers came from and Scott dies…kind of. Check out what you missed in this crazy episode below.

The episode starts with Scott’s dad leaving town to report to the FBI on his decision to kill the Chemist. Scott’s dad has killed two people before, and Scott asks him how he can do that. He says that he has to compartmentalize. He also tells Scott that when he returns they have to have a talk. He knows that Scott and his friends don’t have normal reactions to the crazy things happening in Beacon Hills. Agent McCall says, “It doesn’t seem to faze you like it should. Like you know something I don’t.”

Scott can’t worry about coming out as a werewolf to his dad right now, though. He is working with Kira, Liam and Stiles to set up a plan to fake a death for the deadpool. If they can’t send visual confirmation of a death, they hope that they can bring the Benefactor out of hiding to look at the proof. Scott’s gang develops a plan to fake his own death.

Kira’s mom guides Kira to use her kitsune powers to put Scott under. Scott's heart seems to stop, and doctors tell Melissa that her son is dead. After a very dramatic public breakdown, Melissa meets Scott’s friends in the morgue, reveals to the audience that she was in the know and says that she hates the plan. Scott’s friends explain that he can be brought back within 45 minutes. Yet if they miss the 45-minute window, he’ll die permanently. Melissa really, really hates the plan. 

Scott’s dreams are super weird while he is close to death. He receives a deadpool of people he has to kill: the Mute, the Orphans, the Chemist. He says he can’t kill them, but they’ve all died already this season. The Mute returns to kill Liam with a tomahawk. Scott’s final dream has the Mute guiding Scott while he kills Liam with the tomahawk.

Meanwhile, Derek is at home since his werewolf powers are still missing. His gunshot wound isn’t even healing. Braeden has to help Derek acclimate to life without powers. “When you’re a human going against a supernatural, you have to bend the rules. I’m going to teach you how to bend,” Braeden says.

Breaden shows him how to use a gun. Derek says, “I don’t like guns…because I’ve been shot. Repeatedly.”

Braeden gets the gun out of Derek’s hands twice. When Derek finally gets it out of her hands by kissing her. Suddenly, sex becomes much more important than a self-defense lesson.

Stiles and Malia aren’t quite as solid in their relationship. They are still dealing with the aftermath of Stiles hiding her parentage from her. He can’t sleep without Malia now. "Teen Wolf" mentioned earlier this season that the two sleep while spooning with Malia as the big spoon. Stiles has a flashback to when they worked out that position.

In the present day, Malia goes into the Hale vault where she ignores a call from Stiles. She breaks into a safe to find a folder labeled “Malia Tate – Adoption Records.”

Peter finds her and tells her she can’t take that file because he paid a lot of money for it. He says, “I said you can’t leave with it. I didn’t say you couldn’t read it.”

Malia questions Peter on his life choices. Peter justifies his choices to murder people after he got out of his six-year coma. Peter wants to redeem himself by trying to find her mother. She’s called “The Desert Wolf.” Malia tells him that the title means coyote.

Lydia also has some parental bonding time this week. Lydia’s mom follows her to their lake house. Lydia is still trying to figure out her powers, and she wants to know why the only other banshee she met, Meredith, took a picture in the lake house. She can’t exactly explain this banshee business to her mother. She just shows Mrs. Martin Meredith’s picture and she recognizes Meredith right away.

Mrs. Martin brings out Lydia’s grandmother’s ashes (let’s note that she doesn’t explain why she knows Meredith). Like Meredith, she died in the mental hospital after hearing voices in her head. Her ashes are kept in the boathouse because her last wishes were for Lydia to spread the ashes into the lake on her eighteenth birthday. Lydia opens the urn and realizes that they aren’t her grandmother’s ashes but mountain ash, the substance that creates a protective barrier from supernatural beings. Lydia realizes that the whole boathouse is made of mountain ash.

Back at the hospital, Liam and Kira go up to the roof when they notice the security cameras malfunctioning (which they hacked into to watch out for the Benefactor). However, they run into Berserkers up there. One punch and Kira is unconscious.

She flashes back to her and Scott talking about the plan. They think it’s a good plan, but Scott wants to make sure he takes her on their first official date after. Liam wakes her up before the Berserker gets another hit in.

Scott and Kira’s mothers know something is wrong when the power goes out. “I’m guessing the power doesn’t go out a lot in this hospital,” Kira’s mom says.

Melissa says, “Only when under attack by supernatural creatures.” The two meet a Berkserker, but they can't fight him. Kira’s mother is critically injured by the Berserker and has to be airlifted to another hospital.

Stiles is trying to track down Chris Argent, who is helping them get the Benefactor there. He comes flying into the morgue when Kate kicks him to the ground. Chris warns Stiles to run, but Kate comes in too soon. Chris convinces Kate that they both want the same thing: to find the Benefactor. Kate leaves with the Berserkers when she realizes their plan involves keeping Scott alive. She was sent by Peter to determine if Scott was alive. Apparently, Peter wants to keep Scott alive.

After Stiles returns home, he finds Malia in his room. She tells him that she talked to Peter and doesn’t think they’re that different. Stiles wholeheartedly disagrees. Malia admits that just before she was in a car accident that killed her adoptive mother and sister, Malia had a huge fight with them where she told them she wished they were all dead. Stiles assures her that she didn’t mean it and it doesn’t matter, but Malia isn’t convinced.

Scott tells Kira that he thinks that he knows who the Benefactor might be. He determines that the Benefactor must have powers in order to know that he wouldn’t stay dead. He thinks that it has to be a banshee if someone is predicting death.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Martin shows Lydia the last thing her grandmother wrote, which looks like gibberish. She asks her mother if she is sure that her grandma is dead. Her mother doesn’t know why she wouldn’t be dead.

The piece of paper holds code for a computer, just like the coding used in the Benefactor’s dead pool. Though it could be a fake lead, it looks like Lydia’s grandmother is the Benefactor.

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