Stiles’ intuition has been wrong before, but he wasn’t willing to drop his latest hunch. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) knew something was off about Theo (Cody Christian), but he wasn’t sure what it was. As he investigated, Scott (Tyler Posey) became more frustrated, but Season 5, episode 2, revealed that Stiles might be onto something. However, Stiles friends were busy with their separate lives in this episode, so no one had the time to believe him. Check out what everyone was up to in the second part of the two-night premiere.

Lydia: Tracy (Kelsey Asbille) is in the Mrs. Martin’s (Susan Walters) office. It seems Lydia’s (Holland Roden) mom is now the guidance counselor. Tracy admits that she has night terrors and recalls a creepy scene from her nightmare. She saw one of the Dread Doctors looking in her window. She checked that her window was locked and tried to go back to bed. Then her skylight, which is actually sealed shut, was suddenly open. As she went up to close it, a Dread Doctor grabbed her chair. She told Mrs. Martin that her dad found her next to the chair.

Mrs. Martin says it’s just normal stress. When Tracy goes to leave the office, she starts to get sick. She throws up black liquid and finds a feather in it. “Is this common?” she asks.

Tracy has another night terror, but this time, she is awake. She is in school when the lockers start oozing black liquid. One of the lockers opens on its own and a Dread Doctor slowly comes out and climbs along the wall. Lydia snaps Tracy out of her trance. As the senior takes her outside, a claw mark is shown on Tracy’s locker.

Lydia’s mom says that Lydia is not to interfere. Tracy will get professional help if she needs it. Lydia ignores her mother and brings Tracy home with the help of Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley). He looks at her window, which is not actually sealed shut for weatherproofing as Tracy believed. He says there is nothing outside, but the camera pans down to show that he is lying to keep Tracy safe. There is blood and dead ravens on the roof.

Parrish can’t do anything official for Tracy, but he tells Lydia he’ll watch the house tonight. Lydia promises to bring him coffee.

Tracy’s dad seals the window and promises nothing will happen to her. He’s wrong, of course. While Parrish gets a flirty text from Lydia, Tracy walks out of the house.

Parrish claims no one has gone in or out. He doesn’t realize that Tracy slipped out and she is now in the Dread Doctor’s lab. She tries to convince herself that she’s asleep, but the Doctors say that she is “awakening” before they inject her with a serum. Suddenly, it’s clear that they’re turning her into a wolf.

Scott: The Alpha is maintaining his job with Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam). The vet said that the claw from his attacker last week is actually an eagle talon. Despite being an expert, Deaton has no idea what Scott’s attacker is, and he worries that the rules of the supernatural world aren't so rigid anymore.

Scott decides to focus on school. It turns out he wants to be a veterinarian and plans to work hard in school this year. He even registers for AP Biology, but he worries that he isn’t smart enough to get into his college of choice. Once Lydia stumbles over a question, it’s clear that Scott might be in over his head. However, Stiles won’t let him think about school for long. He has other plans.

Stiles: The resident human of “Teen Wolf” wants his dad (Linden Ashby) to investigate Theo. The Sheriff just wants his son to go to school. Eventually, Stiles gets his way and finds a clean background check with the exception of a speeding ticket. Still, he is unconvinced. Malia (Shelley Hennig) asks why he is so suspicious of the new wolf.

“I remember Theo from fourth grade, OK?” Stiles says. “That’s not him.”

Scott and Stiles talk to Theo about the night he was turned. He had been skateboarding alone when he was bitten. His Alpha had been killed by two betas, a set of twins (a nice nod to Aiden and Ethan from Season 3). Theo also tells a heartwarming story about when they were both in the nurse’s office together in elementary school. It pulls at Scott’s heartstrings, but Stiles feels something is still off.

Stiles steals Theo’s transcripts and claims his father’s signature is fake. He compares it to the signature from eight years ago on a parking ticket, and all of his friends think he is just pulling at strings. He won’t let this go, though.

He brings Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) along as he stalks Theo. Liam smells Theo from far away. He claims the new kid in town is sad, and Stiles sees him drop a white flower. Suddenly, the senior realizes that Theo is dropping a flower for his dead sister, not plotting to murder anyone. Stiles tries to get them away, but Theo confronts them.

Stiles explains that his father’s signatures don’t match, and Theo points out that he doesn’t have proof of anything. “I also came back here for you, someone like you,” Theo says. “Someone who is willing to walk in the woods in the middle of the night for his friends. I don’t have anyone like that.”

Theo says he is meant to be in the pack, but Stiles still doesn’t believe him. Scott is waiting for Stiles and Liam when they finish. Stiles is embarrassed and angry. Scott points out that he didn’t believe in Kira or any of their friends when they first met.

“Why can’t you trust anyone?” Scott asks.

“Cause you trust everyone!” Stiles shouts. He slams his hand on the car and hurts it. Scott absorbs the pain for him.

Stiles goes home where his father tells him to wait for a crime to be committed before looking to go after someone. Stiles notices his father isn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore, and the Sheriff seems to realize that his kid is observant enough to know when something is wrong. “If they’re really guilty, eventually, they make a mistake,” his dad says. “They always make a mistake.”

Liam: Mason (Khylin Rhambo) still hasn’t been told about the supernatural, and Liam admits to Stiles that he is just afraid of his best friend’s reaction. Mason reveals  that he has been researching Berserkers since his attack last year. However, Liam is distracted when he discovers an enemy in his history class.

Hayden (Victoria Moroles), a girl from middle school, puts gum on his seat. It looks like the two will be seeing a lot of each other. Hayden’s locker is even next to Liam’s this year. He asks if she is still angry about the sixth grade. “I’m not pissed off, Liam,” she smiles. “I’m vengeful.”

Clearly, they have a past, but he has to focus on his future with Mason. After ditching Mason to stalk Theo, Liam decides to come clean.

Liam goes to the school and tries to apologize to Mason for bailing on their plans. He says he’ll finally explain, but a real wolf interrupts them. It follows them into the school until Liam goes into wolf-mode and scares it away. Liam says he has to tell his best friend something, and Mason looks pretty excited to see his friend as a werewolf.

Theo: The actual wolf goes to the bridge where Liam’s sister died. We see that Theo is indeed a full wolf. Why was he chasing Liam and Mason? It isn’t clear, but things get even weirder when Theo goes home.

Theo speaks to two people who look like his parents. He says that they were supposed to have the signatures perfected. The man claims that he practiced the signature plenty. Theo says they will explain the difference with an injury. He reasoned that writing with a cast is hard, so he brought out a hammer. He planned to destroy the man’s hand for a cover story.

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