What is Parrish? It’s a lingering question on every “Teen Wolf” fan’s mind because his story keeps getting weirder throughout Season 5. Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) can be burned alive without a scratch, which seemed kind of harmless. But now he keeps stealing dead bodies in his sleep. Naturally, fans are worried if Parrish is actually a bad guy in disguise. Unfortunately, Kelley wouldn't reveal much.

“He’s kind of in limbo right now,” Kelley told TV Line. “You see him carrying these bodies and you’re not sure if he’s working with the Doctors or not. We’ve been getting more questions about Parrish, rather than answers.”

Whether he is evil or not, Parrish will be back on the streets of Beacon Hills as a deputy soon. The Sheriff (Linden Ashby) has had him on desk duty since he discovered Parrish’s powers, but he can’t keep Parrish busy with paperwork forever.

“You’ll definitely see him back on duty. He becomes a deputy. It’s his job,” Kelly explained to Talk Nerdy With Us. “The interesting thing with this season is you get to see a bit of the turmoil with Stilinski in his own mind. He’s figuring out what to do with Parrish, because this whole supernatural world is new to him. It’s crazy and he’s a sheriff, and he has those morals of what’s right and wrong. There’s a line you don’t cross it. … Does he want to put Parrish out on the streets when he’s supernatural and can hurt people? You don’t know if he’s dangerous. You don’t know if he’s good.”

However, it seems even Kelley doesn’t know if his character is good or evil. “So I honestly don’t know, but I think he’s good,” he told TV Line. “He works in the sheriff’s department and he was in the military, but this supernatural twist — him not knowing what he is — might change that. Anything’s possible on ‘Teen Wolf.’”

Even though Kelley seems to think he is a good guy right now, Parrish’s alliances might change once “Teen Wolf” Season 5 reveals what he truly is. “I think because he doesn't know what he is and he doesn't know what creature he is, that could play into whether he's good or bad, or if he can control his powers or he can't,” Kelley teased to PopSugar last month.

Fans won’t have to wait much longer. Showrunner Jeff Davis previously promised that Parrish’s true identity would be revealed within the first 10 episodes of Season 3. With only 3 episodes left, fans can count on that revelation coming very soon, and Kelley thinks it will shock the fans.

“I’m a big nerd, so there are a lot of things I’d been speculating about, which I don’t think people would have known,” he told TV Line. “I love everything supernatural, Greek mythology, all that. I had a pretty good handful of things I thought Parrish was, so it didn’t shock me.”

“Teen Wolf” Season 5 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Do you think Parrish is good or evil? Sound off in the comments section below!