The Dread Doctors were introduced to a member of Scott’s pack in “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 3. The mysterious villains have been hiding in the shadows, so of course, they sent someone else to do their dirty work first. Scott (Tyler Posey) and his friends had to focus on how to save Tracy (Kelsey Chow), who was involuntarily turned into a werewolf by the Doctors in episode 2.

The episode starts on a light note. Sheriff (Linden Ashby) is going out on a date but won’t tell Scott or Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) who he is going out with. Things quickly turn dark, though. As he prepares for his big night, Donovan (Ashton Moio) leaves to transfer to a prison. He stops and seriously threatens to kill Stiles’ dad again. Stiles reveals that Donovan failed the test to become a deputy.

While Donovan is being driven to the prison, the driver starts to have a heart attack. As Donovan’s lawyer, Tracy’s dad (Salvator Xuereb), struggles to help the officer control the car, Donovan notices holes in the ceiling. When they stop, they hear something crawling on the roof. Tracy’s dad sees his daughter maul the driver. She lets Donovan go as she attacks the other officer. She tells her father she won’t let anything happen to him ever again before she kills him.

It seems that the plan was to let Donovan go. He runs away, but the Dread Doctors stop him. They start drilling into his ear.

Elsewhere, Malia (Shelley Hennig) tries to drive with Kira (Arden Cho) and Lydia (Holland Roden), but she keeps having flashes of a car accident whenever she gets behind the wheel. Is it the night of the accident where her adoptive mother died? It isn’t clear. She seems to intentionally try to get into an accident, but she eventually sorts herself out.

Lydia says they’ll go to the school, but her banshee powers bring them to Tracy’s crime scene. She calls 911 and when the Sheriff gets there, he sends Scott to find Donovan. The Alpha catches up to the criminal quickly, but he doesn’t find the Doctors. Donovan is just freaked out and keeps repeating Tracy’s name. Lydia knows that it has to be Tracy Stewart.

The gang wasn’t sure what they’ll do when they catch Tracy. She has killed her father and injured two others. Does that mean they should kill her? Scott just wants to focus on finding her.

Back at the station, the Sheriff tries to question Donovan, but the criminal just keeps requesting a new lawyer. When he leaves the cell, Parrish (Ryan Kelley) tells the Sheriff that Tracy killed her psychiatrists.

Murder hasn’t stopped Tracy from going to school. Tracy is in history class when the fire alarm rings. Hayden (Victoria Moroles) notices something is wrong with her as they evacuate. Scott and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) try to approach her, but she grabs Hayden’s arm and makes her bleed. “They’re coming,” Tracy says. “They’re coming for all of us.”

She passes out and a silver liquid leaks out of her mouth. As the group carries her off, Hayden goes to wash the blood off her arm. She is disturbed to find that there is no wound. She healed on her own.

Deaton (Seth Gilliam) examines Tracy and says it looks like mercury came out of her mouth. He has no idea what could be wrong with her. Malia suggests that they kill her while she is unconscious, but Deaton says that they don’t do that. Stiles doesn’t exactly disagree, but Deaton decides that some mountain ash will keep her trapped.

The mountain ash concerns Stiles, who wants Malia to be able to escape, but they have bigger issues. Deaton can’t cut Tracy with a scalpel. As he turns her over, her spine starts to move in odd directions. The skin opens and her spine pops up and and slaps the group. Tracy gets up and her spine suddenly looks like a tail. She walks out of the room and over the mountain ash easily while the others are on the floor. They realize that she isn’t a werewolf, but she is a kanima (something Jackson turned into back in Season 2).

The group is on the floor and paralyzed. Deaton talks Scott and Malia through healing. He knows they can fight off the paralysis more easily. Malia heals first and says she is going to find the kanima. Stiles doesn’t want her to go, but Scott tells her to save Tracy.

After Malia leaves, Theo (Cody Christian) comes to the rescue at Deaton’s office. He helps everyone up and tells Scott that he can help. However, the girls seem to have everything at the Sheriff’s office covered.

While the others are at the veterinarian’s office, Lydia brings Kira to Tracy’s room. As they look through her belongings, they realize that she is probably still in a night terror. They come up with the theory that Tracy is going after people who tried to help her. Lydia realizes her mother is next.

They catch up to Mrs. Martin (Susan Walters) as she meets Sheriff Stilinski for a date (Yes, the Sheriff’s mystery date was Lydia’s mom, not Scott’s mom, as many fans were hoping). Mrs. Martin and the Sheriff realize that all of the deputies are unconscious right as Lydia and Kira burst in. Tracy is already there, watching from the ceiling.

Kira fights the kanima with her sword. Lydia tells her mom to run, but Mrs. Martin can’t follow that order after she watches Lydia get stabbed in the ribs with Tracy’s poisonous tail. Kira’s powers go into full force and she slices Tracy’s tail off.

Malia goes to the police station and finds the aftermath of Tracy’s battle. Kira is taking care of Lydia, who seems to be in bad shape. Lydia tells Malia to convince Tracy that she is awake.

After a fight in the basement, Malia has Tracy in a good position to kill her, but she backs off once it seems that Tracy has woken up. As Malia tells her that she isn’t dreaming, the Dread Doctors attack. They restrain Malia while they kill Tracy, and then they just leave Malia on the floor.

Out in the woods, Liam and Mason (Khylin Rhambo) question a member of Satomi’s pack, Brett (Cody Saintgnue). He says he never saw Tracy, and she isn’t part of his pack. As they look at her photo, Liam remembers seeing Tracy’s necklace in a hole in the woods. They go back to the hole and can’t find her necklace.

However, Mason and Brett realize that the hole isn’t just random – she was buried. After a little more looking, Liam realizes that they aren’t at the right hole. He had been closer to the bridge. Apparently, multiple people are being buried.

Elsewhere in this episode, Malia’s search for her biological mother finally leads to something. Stiles reveals a text message that he got from Braeden (Meagan Tandy). The former U.S. marshal finally found the aftermath of one of Desert Wolf's jobs. Stiles tells Malia and shows her pictures of something. It seems her mother attacked a group, but they were bad guys. Malia thinks she must be good at her job, but Stiles seemed more disturbed than excited.

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